Saturday, January 31, 2009

Interference - Chess Tactic

Burn produced the staggering 33...Qg4!!, leaving his queen en prise to three different White pieces. However, if 34.Bxg4 or hxg4, Black wins with 34...Bxd2. If 34.Qxg5+, Qxg5 35.Rxg5+ Kh6, Black wins a piece and the game. MacDonald instead tried 34.Rxg4 Nf3+ 35.Kg2 Nxd2 36.Rxg5+ Kh6 37.h4 Nxb3 38.Rf5 Nxa5 and Burn won in 11 more moves.

Wikipedia Interference Page - General Info on this tactic with examples.
Interference Lesson - Pretty thorough 8 page lesson at Predator at the Chess Board
Interference Problems

Predator at the Chessboard Lessons
Interference to Loosen a Piece - 8 page lesson
Interference to Loosen a Mating Square - 9 page Lesson
Interference on a Penultimate Rank - 4 page Lesson
Interference as Part of a Double Threat - 3 page Lesson
(24 Examples in above lessons)

Grimshaw - A type of interference where two black pieces arriving on a particular square mutually interfere with each other. Wikipedia page with description and examples.

Novotny(Nowotny) - A Grimshaw brought about by a sacrifice on a particular square where it could be captured by 2 opposing pieces. Wikipedia page with description and examples.

Anthoney Miles vs Craig William Pritchett 1982 - Another OTB game with a nice Novotny as the last move.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Weak Squares

Weak Squares-Weak squares can be defined as squares where your opponent can safely post his pieces. Weak squares provide an entry point into your territory and are often the precursor to an attack. Naturally, if you can exploit the weak squares of your opponent, then they will work for you. (Definition- From "Introduction to Chess Strategy for the novice player" by Bill Whited)

Weak Square Lesson - From Exeter Chess Club
Elements of Chess Strategy - Weak and Strong Squares - WikiBooks Article

Lessons from Chess Strategy Blog
Complex of Squares
Complex of Squares 2

Complete Idiots Guide to Chess - Chapter 13 Online is all about Weak Squares

Chess Videos
Chess Strategy - Weak Color Complex in the Endgame - 9 Min Video

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Danish Gambit (C-21) - Opening Theory

1. e4 e5 2. d4 exd4 3. c3

Danish Gambit (Nordic Gambit) Wikipedia Page - General History and Opening Variations
Danish Gambit - Page with a few variations explained

Danish Gambit Accepted Lesson - Richard Westbrook (Farragut Chess Club)

GM Boris Altermans Chess Blog
Danish Gambit Part 1
Danish Gambit Part 2
Danish Gambit Part 3

Articles by Tim McGrew from
Danish Pastry.pdf
Steintz for the Defense .pdf

Davies vs Danish Dynamite - Karsten Muller Endgame Corner Article on Endgames that result from the Capablanca defense.

200+ Danish Gambit Games - Webpage with Viewer

Annotated Games
Capablanca Chess Club vs Juan Corzo - 1911 Correspondence Game
Alekhine vs A Friedman - 1924

Danish Gambit Chess Videos
Chess Lesson-Danish Gambit - 8 Min Video
Chess Openings-Danish Gambit - 10 Min Video
Sacrificial Danish Gambit - 9 Min Video
anish Gambit, Hrncir, Petr vs. Muller Petr 2003 - 4 Min Video
Danish Gambit Declined Trap - 2 Min Video
Danish Gambit Variations - 7 Min Video
Danish Gambit Training - 15 Min Video

An Opening Repertoire for Black versus 1 e4 "Danish Gambit" Part 1 of 3 - 9 Min Video
An Opening Repertoire for Black versus 1 e4 "Danish Gambit" Part 2 of 3 - 9 Min Video
An Opening Repertoire for Black versus 1 e4 "Danish Gambit" Part 3 of 3 - 10 Min Video

Danish PGN Downloads
C21 - 682 Games (

Danish - 119 Games (U-of-Pitt Archive)

Open and Half Open Files - Chess Theory

Open File and Half Open File - Wikipedia Definitions
Elements of Chess Strategy/ Open Lines - Wiki Books Article

Break Moves- Opening Lines to Increase Mobility - Article by Dan Heisman
Exploiting Open and Half Open Files - 2 part article with illustrative games at
Rooks on Ranks and Files - Exeter Chess Club Lesson
Physical Signposts in Chess.pdf - 6 page Lesson on using Rooks on files

Open and Semi Open Files Lecture - 3 Games Annotated by IM David Lobzhanidze

The Rooks - 4 pages from Modern Chess Strategy

Monday, January 12, 2009

Tactics - Overworked Defender (Overloading)

Overloading is a Chess Tactic in which a defensive piece is given an additional assignment which it cannot complete without abandoning its original assignment.

Predator at the Chessboard (Overworked Defender)
Simple Cases - One Guard Protects two Men - 17 page Lesson
One Piece Guards a Mating Square and Something Else - 7 page Lesson
When a Piece Guards Two Mating Squares - 5 Page Lesson
Adding a Mate Threat to Create an Overworked Piece -4 Page Lesson
Distracting a Rook from Duties up the Board - 12 Page Lesson
Forking Squares and the Overworked Piece - 7 Page Lesson
(50+ Examples in the above lessons)

Overloading the Defender Lesson - Pages from The Complete Idiots Guide to Chess
Overloading Examples - at
6 Overworked Piece Examples .pdf - at

Example from Krasenkow-Karpov Game- Definition and example at Wikipedia

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Chess Tactics - The Pin

A pin is a situation brought on by an attacking piece in which a defending piece cannot move without exposing a more valuable defending piece on its other side to capture by the attacking piece.

Wikipedia Page on Pinning (Chess) - General Knowledge
An Introduction to Chess Tactics (The Pin) .pdf - 4 page article by Richard Westbrook, 2004

Pedator at the Chessboard (Pins)
Arranging a Pin Lesson
Exploiting a Pin
Other Patterns and Applications
The Relative Pin
(Over 100 Examples in the above Lessons)

Other PIN Videos
Tactic the Pin - 11 Min Video
The Power of the Pin - 9 Min Video
Chess Puzzle Nasty Pin - 2 min Video
Introduction to Forks, Pins and Skewers - 4 Min Video

10 Chess Problems - Defend Against the Pin
10 Chess Problems - Pinning Chess Pieces

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Free Online Chess Books

Kasparov-Kramnik 2000 - By Karsten Muller (58 page E-book of all the games Annotated)

(Free E-Books from (PDF,CBV,Doc and DJVU Formats))
(Links Below take you to the Download page for that Section of Books)

Beginners Chess Books
Edward Lasker "Chess Strategy" (ENG, 1915)
E. Znosko-Borovsky "How not to play chess" (ENG, 1961)
Y. Averbakh "What is necessary to be known about the end-game" (RUS, 1960)
E. Shiffers "Manual for self-tuition of chess game" (RUS, 1911)
Y. Averbakh, M. Beylin "Chess manual for self-tuition" (RUS, 1970)
Em. Lasker "Textbook of chess game" (RUS, 6th edition, 1980)
I. Bondarevskiy "Study to play chess" (RUS, 1966)
A. Suetin "How to play a debut" (RUS, 3th edition, 1981)
B. Vaynshteyn "Traps Takequeen" (RUS, 1990)
D. Bronshteyn "Manual for self-tuition of chess game" (RUS, 1987)

Best games Collections
"Kasparov - Karpov. Seville 1987" (ENG, 1988)
"Kasparov - Karpov. New York - Lyon 1990" (ENG, 1991)
Yudovich "Garry Kasparov" (ENG, 1988)
"San Remo 1930" (ENG, 1973)
"St. Petersburg Tournament, 1895-1896" (ENG, 1896)
"Supertournament Moreliya - Linares, 2007" (RUS, 2007)
"Supertournament Wijk-aan-Zee, 2007" (RUS, 2007)
"Match on championship of the world Alekhin - Euwe" (RUS, 1935)
D. Bronshtein "200 opened games" (RUS, 1970)
M. Botvinnik "Match Flor - Botvinnik" (RUS, 1934)
P. Keres "100 games" (RUS, 1966)
A. Liliental "Life - to the chess" (RUS, 1969)
G. Levenfish "Select games and memoirs" (RUS, 1967)
"Third international chess tournament. Moscow, 1936" (RUS, 1937)
V. Panov "300 select games by Alekhin" (RUS, 1954)
D. Bronshtein "International Grand Master tournament" (RUS, 1983)
R. Fisher "My 60 memorable games" (ENG, 1969) ***
P. Romanovskiy "The best games" (RUS, 1954)
M. Botvinnik "Three matches of Anatoly Karpov" (RUS, 1975)
Em. Lasker "My match against Kapablanka" (RUS, 1925)

Chess Books by Game Stages
Flesch "Planning in Chess" (ENG, 1983)
Pandolfini "Pandolfini's Endgame Course" (ENG, 1988)
Korn "The Brilliant Touch in Chess" (ENG, 1966)
Troitzky "360 Brilliant and Instructive Endgames" (ENG, 1968)
Keres, Kotov "The Art of the Middle Game" (ENG, 1964)
M. Euwe "Judgment And Planning In Chess" (ENG, 1953)
R. Fine "The Ideas Behind The Chess Openings" (ENG, 1943) ***
R. Reti "Modern Ideas In Chess" (ENG, 1920)
P. Romanovsky "The Middlegame. Combination" (RUS, 1963)
I. Lipnitsky "Questions of modern chess theory" (RUS, 1956)
V. Alatorcev "Problems of modern chess theory" (RUS, 1960)
P. Romanovsky "Middlegame. Plan" (RUS, 1960)
A. Nimtsovich "My system" (RUS, 1930)
B. Musin "Theoretical completions: practical guidance of chess-player" (RUS, 2001)
M. Euwe "Course of chess lectures", "Strategy and tactic" (RUS, 1936)
S. Belavenets "Basic principles of game are in middlegame" (RUS, 1963)

Free E-Books from (All PDF Format) E-Book Download Page
Lewis W. Chess Problems
Ten Tips to Winning Chess - Arthur Bisguier
Globe Problem and Selection Tourney #2 (Mate in 2 problems)
777 Chess Minatures ( Endgame Puzzles)
200 Chess Problems (2 to 5 move problems)
Crumbs from the Chessboard (2-5 move mates, selfmates ,fantasys)
English Chess Problems
The Smith-Morra Gambit (Guide to this Opening)

Google Search of Books in Public Domain 
(Click link to Download PDF Version of Book)
(These Books are still Here, just enter Captcha on Googles site and download starts for some or click "Ebook - Free"Button for others) 

Strategy and Instruction
Chess Praxis - By Howard Staunton
The Chess Tournament - By Howard Staunton
The Chess-player's Companion -By Howard Staunton
The Modern Chess Instructor - By William Steinitz
Mr. Blackburne's Games at Chess - By Joeseph henry Blackburne
The Laws and Practice of Chess -By Howard Staunton, Robert B. Wormald, Robert Bownas
Chess Strategy - By Eduard Lasker 

Chess Fundamentals -  By Jose Capablanca  (Can only View entire book online)
Chess Studies Comprising 1000 Games - By George Walker
Laskers Chess Magazine Vol 2 -  By Emanuel Lasker
Analysis of the game of Chess - Philidor
The Book of Chess - By Howard Staunton
The American Chess Players Handbook - By Howard Staunton

Chess Player Books
Morphys Games of Chess - By Paul Charles Morphy, Johann Löwenthal
Marshals Chess Swindles - By Frank J Marshal (Over 125 Tourn. and Match Games)

Chess Opening Books
Chess Openings -By Frank James Marshall
Modern Chess Openings  - By Griffith and White  (Pretty old book of openings but FREE)
The Chess Openings considered critically and practically - By Henry Bird
Chess Openings For Beginners - By Cunningham
Positions in the Chess Openings most Freq. Played - Thomas Long
Chess Players Compendium (Practical Guide to Openings) - By William Cook
Synopsis of the Chess Openings - By William Cook
Chess Openings - By Fredrick Longman
The Chess Openings - By Ginsburg
Jaenisch's Chess Preceptor - Jaenisch and Valker 
The Chess Openings (Notable positions and problems) - By Bird

Chess Endgame Books
Chess Endings - By Freebourough
Chess Symposium - By Halpern  (100 Endgame Studies)
Select Chess Endgames from Actual Play - By Freebourough

Chess Problem Books
A Selection of Popular Two Move Chess Problems -  Brownson (100 problems)
A Collection of 200 Chess Problems -  By Francis Healey
Chess Problems  - By Pierce (Hundreds of Problems)

--(Link to 30 Chess Problem Books in PDF Format) --

Tournament Books
International Masters Tournament  Manhattan Chess Club 1918 - (Marshall and Capablanca present)
London Intern. Tourn. 1883  (Bird and Winawer present)
The Hastings Chess Tourn. 1885
The Monte Carlo Tourn 1903 - (Tarrasch, Marshall, and Maroczy)