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IQP - Isolated Queen Pawn Structure - Chess Theory

IQP Resources

 (99 Game Collection Broken into the Below Strategies)

d5 (d4) break
Smyslov vs Karpov, 1971 https://www.cheshttps://www.chessga... Andersson vs Karpov, 1995 Kramnik vs Anand, 1999

f-pawn attack when d4 pawn not under any pressure, LSB is on c4, and rook is on f1 
Botvinnik vs Vidmar, 1936K Lerner vs A V Kharitonov, 1984

Rook lift
A Timofeev vs Svidler, 2008

B sacrifice on h6 (h3)
P Simacek vs Jobava, 2013Bacrot vs R Edouard, 2011

Using open c-file
Vitiugov vs Bologan, 2012Smyslov vs Ribli, 1983

Strategies when playing against IQP:

Using open c-file
Vitiugov vs Bologan, 2012

IQP Chess Articles

The Isolated Queen's Pawn - In-Depth Blogger Article

Attack and Defense in the IQP - GM Bryan Smith - Article
Discovering the Secrets of the Complex IQP Positions - The Chessworld Article - WGM Raluca Sgircea, IM Renier Castellanos


IQP LiChess Studies

IQP - 7 Chapter Study (7 Games w/ Analysis)
IQP - Model Games - 9 Chapter Study
IQP inspiration - 17 Chapter Study (Games w/Analysis from Different Books)
IQP's: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly - 14 Chapter Study
Isolated Queen Pawn (IQP) - 12 Chapter Study  (Each game is a Different Opening)

Attacking Ideas #2 - Isolated Queen Pawn - 13 Chapter Study

Isolated Queen Pawn: Middlegame Plans - 7 Chapter Interactive Study  (Really Nice Study)

IQP Games Databases 

Strategies when playing with IQP - 99 Games (Collection Broken into Strategy's when playing IQP) Really Nice
IQP, Isolated Queen Pawn, Games - 11 game Collection
Isolated Queen Pawn (IQP) games - 21 game Collection
IQP Great Games - 19 Game Collection

IQP Wins. - 33 game Collection
IQP loses - 15 game Collection

Instructive IQP middlegames and endgames - 69 games from Baburin's "Winning pawn structures" book

nexus IQP position - 10 Game Collection (All Showing how to reach the same position w/ Diff. openings)

IQP Video Lessons

IQP Isolated Queen Pawn - 18 Video Playlist - GM Zviad Izoria (Go's over many games)

Isolated Queens Pawn - 16 Video Playlist - GM Sune Berg Hansen
Excelling in Isolated Queen's Pawn Positions - The IQP Masterclass - 3 hr GM Sune Berg Hansen

GM Neiksans Boot Camp #14 - IQP Strategy - 2 hr
GM Neiksans Boot Camp #13 - Play Against an Isolated Pawn - 2hr

An Isolated Queen's Pawn Masterclass by Anatoly Karpov - 10 Min
Isolated Queen Pawn Positions | Grandmaster's Choice - GM Denes Boros - 44 Min
Isolated Queen Pawns | Road to 2000 - 58 Min NM Caleb Denby
How to Play with the Isolated Queen's Pawn | GM Yasser Seirawan - 58 Min

How to play Isolated Pawn Positions | Pawn Structures | Advanced Level | GM Alex Lenderman - 18 Min
How to play with Isolated Pawns | Pawn Structures | Advanced Level | GM Alex Lenderman - 17 Min

A winning Strategy against a weak Isolated Pawn | Chess Middlegame - 19 Min - IM Astaneh
The ONLY Isolated Pawn Structure (IQP) video YOU will need to watch! - 16 Min - ChessGeek

GM Ben Finegold
Isolated Queen Pawn Positions - GM Ben Finegold - 40 Min
Part 1: Isolated Queen Pawns and How to Use Them as an Advantage - 53 Min 
Part 2: Isolated Queen Pawns and How to Punish Them - 39 Min

Remote Chess Academy
A to Z about Isolated Pawns - Introduction - 27 Min - IM Atilla Turzo
How to play with or against an Isolated Pawn? by GM Mikhailo Oleksienko - 21 Min

IM Andras Toth
How to approach the d4-d5 Break in IQP Structures | The Amateur's Mind #32 - 24 Min
Know thy Classics #5 The thematic d4-d5 breakthorugh in IQP structures - 17 Min
Amateurs mind #19 - How to play against an isolated pawn - middle and end game strategies - 27 Min
IQP plans and strategies - Amateurs Mind #22 - 33 Min

Monday, September 18, 2023

Slav Exchange Variation D13 - D14 - Opening Theory

Exchange Slav Resources

The Exchange Variation was once described as
  "the system that takes the fun out of playing the Slav" for Black.
1.d4 d5 2.c4 c6 3.cxd5 cxd5

The symmetrical position offers White only the advantage of the extra move, but the drawish position offers Black little chance to win unless White is overly ambitious.

To avoid the possibility of the Exchange Slav Black often chooses the move order 2...e6 followed by 3...c6 to enter the Semi-Slav.

Books / Courses (FREE)

Free Chessable Courses

Short & Sweet: Classical Slav - 11 Line Course (Few lines of Exchange Slav) 

Slav Exchange Variation  Articles

The Slav Defense – How to Play It as White and Black - Chessable Blog Guide (Link on Table of Contents to Exchange Slav Section.)

Need Sure Points - QGD Exchange Slav - GM Nigel Davies Blog (Post on Getting Sure fire Draws)
Kamsky's Slav Surprise Weapon - GM Craze LiChess Blog (Small Section of Article on Exchange Slav)

Slav Exchange Variation LiChess Studies

Exchange Slav White Rep - 22 Chapter Study  (In-Depth w/ lots of Analysis)

Exchange Slav: Thematic Games - 32 Chapter Study (Lots of Kramnik and Irina Krush games)
Exchange Slav 8/15: - 8 Chapter Study (All Games )

Game Databases

Queen's Gambit Declined Slav, Exchange Variation (D13) 1 d4 d5 2 c4 c6 3 Nf3 Nf6 4 cxd5 cxd5 - 1700 Games

Slav Defence - Exchange Variation - Collection of 12 Games (All White Wins)

D10: Queen's Gambit Declined Slav defence, exchange variation 1. d4 d5 2. c4 c6 3. cxd5 - 11,000 Games

Slav Exchange Variation Puzzles

LiChess Slav Defense Exchange Puzzles - 2005 Puzzles

Slav Exchange Variation Video Lessons

ChessGoals (Learn to Play The Slav Exchange - 13 Video playlist)
Slav Exchange Repertoire for Black - 9 Min
Slav Exchange for Black | Winning with e5 - 14 Min
Slav Exchange Variation with f6!? - 13 MIn
Tricked Into the Exchange Slav? Play This! - 10 Min

(Exchange Theory , 11 GM Games , 3 Amateur Games , 9 of Authors Games , Conclusion) 

Slav Defense Theory: Exchange Variation - 20 Min - Hanging pawns

The Slav Defense: Exchange Variation - 6 Min - Ben Finegold

Exchange 4.Bg5 Variation
Learn To Play AGAINST The Slav Defense | Opening For White | 3.cxd5 cxd5 4.Bg5!? Variation - 22 Min - Coach Kestony
Slav Exchange 4.Bg5 - Realizing the Advantage - 20 Min - ChessGoals
Slav Exchange 4.Bg5 Middlegame Plans - 18 Min - ChessGoals
Slav Exchange 4.Bg5 Model Game - 10 Min - ChessGoals
Slav Exchange 4.Bg5 Sample Game - 12 Min - ChessGoals

Basic Opening Chess Trap | Exchange Slav | The most common queen trap idea - 2 Min - Chessbase India

Slav Defense, Exchange Variation | Kids' Class - GM Varuzhan Akobian - 34 Min - St.Louis CC (Video Below)

Slav Exchange Games w/Analysis

Chess Grandmaster vs 2075 Explained | Slav Exchange Variation - 14 Min - GM Benjamin Bok
Slav Defense, Exchange variation - Standard chess #44 - 50 Min - ChessNetwork

Crushing Wins from the "Boring" exchange Slav | Road to 2000 - NM Caleb Denby - 52 Min - St.Louis CC

4.Bg5 Variation
Bg5 Slav Exchange with Alina Kashlinskaya - 9 Min - ChessGoals

Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Caro-Kann Advance Variation - B12

Vibrant sunburst of colors with a pawn on the side, Text reads "Advanced Caro"

Caro-Kann B12 Resources
Advance Variation: 3.e5

Books (Courses) FREE

Chessable Courses (Free)

The Caro-Kann Starter Kit -  31 Line Course (First Chapter has 12 Advance Lines)
The Caro-Kann for Club Players - 145 line Course ( Advance Info Spread-Out Through Course)
Short & Sweet: L'Ami's Caro-Kann - 25 Lines (w/ 1hr 18 Min Video)

Internet Archive

Caro-Kann Defence: Advance Variation and Gambit System - 145 Page PDF - Karpov
A Line for White - Number 1: The Caro Kann Advance Variation 13 page PDF - Byron jacobs

Caro -Kann  Advance  Articles 

The Advance Caro-Kann - LiChess Blog  - Nice Article

The Complete Caveman Caro-Kann - The Kenilworthington Article (Links to a Dozen or so Caveman Articles at Bottom of Article)
The Caveman Caro-Kann: Advance Variation with 4.h4 - The Kenilworthington Article

Caro -Kann  Advance LiChess Studies

Caro-Kann Advance Variation - 5 Chapter Study
Caro-Kann Advance Variation In Depth - 8 Chapter Study (280 Hearts)

Caro-Kann Advance Variation - 14 Chapter Study  (Bunch of Games ALL White Wins)

Advance Caro-Kann: The Botvinnik-Carls Defense - Interactive 40 Chapter Study (240 Hearts)
Busting the 3...c5 Advance Caro-Kann - 8 Chapter Study

Caro-Kann: advance variation, Tal variation - 9 Chapter Study  (9 Full games , ALL Black Wins)

LiStudy (Move Trainer )
Caro-Kann - Advance Variation (master)

Caro -Kann  Advance Games Databases

Caro-Kann Defense, Advance Variation (B12) - 8728 Games

B12: Caro-Kann, advance variation 1. e4 c6 2. d4 d5 3. e5 - 29,000 Games
B12: Caro-Kann, advance, Short variation 1. e4 c6 2. d4 d5 3. e5 Bf5 4. c3 e6 5. Be2 - 36 games

Caro-Kann Advance Variation - 78 Games (All wins or Draws by White)

Caro -Kann  Advance Video Lessons

Learn to Play The Caro-Kann Advance - 32 Video playlist - ChessGoals

Caro-Kann Defense: Advance Variation FULL GUIDE for Black - 39 min - IM Alex banzea

Caro-Kann Defense | Advance Variation | Ideas, Plans & Strategies ⎸Chess Openings | Astaneh Chess - 35 Min
Hikaru Teaches the Advanced Caro Kann | Legendary Openings 4 - 22 Min

Caro-Kann Repertoire: Chapter 1, Advanced Variation 4.c3 - 61 Min - ChessGoals
Caro-Kann Repertoire: Advanced - 4. dxc5 Bonus Material - 67 Min - ChessGoals

Caro-Kann Defense - Advance Variation in Depth ⎸Chess Openings - 20 Min - Hanging Pawns

St.Louis Chess Club Lessons

The Shirov Attack in the Advance Caro-Kann | Chess Openings Explained - 56 min - St.Louis CC
Prep the Caro-Kann like Dubov! | Prepare Like A Pro - GM Josh Friedel  - 61 min - St.Louis CC
Nunn vs. Seirawan, 1983 | Caro-Kann - GM Yasser Seirawan - 56 Min
The Shirov Attack in the Advance Caro-Kann | Chess Openings Explained -56 Min 

Caro-Kann: Advance Variation - GM Ben Finegold - 48 Min - St.Louis CC  (VIDEO BELOW)

GM Sune Berg Hansen  (Has a Bunch of Caro-Kann Stuff - Here)

Caro Kann Advance Variation For Black: Playing Against g2 g4 Lines In The Advance Variation - 25 min - 
Beat The Caro Kann Advance Variation C5 - Black goes c5 - 14 Min
Attacking The Caro Kann - An Easy To Learn Weapon For White - 15 Min

Botvinnik -Carls Defense 3..c5

Caro Kann Advance Variation (3. c5 : Botvinnik Carls) - 13 Min - Chess Geek
Caro-Kann Advance Variation: Botvinnik-Carls Defense (with 4. dxc5) - 15 Min - Chess Geek
Caro-Kann Advance Variation: Botvinnik-Carls Defense (with 4.c3) - 22 Min - Chess Geek

Understanding f4 in the Caro-Kann Advance - 14 Min - ChessGoals
Caro-Kann Advance 4.f4 | Botvinnik-Carls Defense - 9 Min - ChessGoals

Advance Tal Variation

Caro-Kann Advance Tal Variation for White - 12 Min - ChessGoals
CRUSH The Caro-Kann with Tal Variation - WGM Nemo Zhou - 30 min - Gotham Chess
BUTCHER Caro Kann with Tal's Line!! - 11 Min - IM Miodrag Perunovic
Kramnik vs. Leko | Classical World Championship 2004 - GM Varuzhan Akobian - 34 min

Caro-Kann Game Videos w/Analysis

Blitz Game #16 Chess Opening: Caro Kann (Black) - 4 min - IM Miodrag Perunovic
Caro-Kann Advance 4.c3 Game Analysis - 16 Min - ChessGoals
Master Class | Caro–Kann | Chess Speedrun | Grandmaster Naroditsky - 32 Min
Master Class | Caro–Kann x2!! | Chess Speedrun | Grandmaster Naroditsky - 35 Min


Standard Chess #51: Bonderov vs. IM Bartholomew (Caro-Kann Defense) - 24 min

Tal Variation

Blitz Game #1 Chess Opening: Caro Kann - Tal Variation (White) - 5 min - IM Miodrag Perunovic
Carlsen + Caro Kann vs Nakamura | Saint Louis Rapid 2020 - 8 Min - Chessbase India

Botvinnik -Carls Defense 3..c5

Standard Chess #238: FreshNakaJuice-L vs. IM Bartholomew (Caro-Kann Defense) - 60 Min
Standard Chess #16: ginyudance vs. IM Bartholomew (Caro-Kann Defense) - 28 Min

Short Variation 5.Be2

Caro-Kann Advance Short Variation Master Game - 16 Min - ChessGoals

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Checkmate Patterns - Tactics

The word Checkmate created with neon lights with a lit chess piece above.

Checkmate Patterns Resource Page

Wikipedia Checkmate Patterns 

Pawns, Rooks,Queen Mate Patterns

Anderssen's Mate Page - Articles, LiChess Studies, Video lessons (Version of Mayet's mate)

Blind Swine Mate -  Articles, LiChess Study, Game Collection, Video Lessons

Backrank Checkmate -  Old Blog Post ,  Many LiChess Studies, Articles and Video Lessons

Damiano's Mate Page - Article, LiChess Studies, Video lessons

Pawn / David and Goliath Mate Page - Article, LiChess Studies, Game Collection, Video lessons

Dove Tail (Cozio) Mate Page -  Article, LiChess Studies, Game Collection, Puzzles, Video Lessons

Epaulette Mate Page -  Articles, LiChess Studies, Game Collection, Video lessons

Kill-Box Mate Page - Articles, LiChess Studies, Game Collection, Video Lessons

Lawnmower Mate Page - Articles, LiChess Studies, Game Collection, Video Lessons

 Lolli's Mate Page -   Article, Lichess Studies and a few Videos

RailRoad Mate Pattern Page - Articles, LiChess Studies, Game Collection, Video Lessons 

Swallow's Tail (Gueridon's) Mate -  Article, LiChess Study, Video Lesson

Triangle Mate Page - Articles, LiChess Studie, Video lesson

Bishop Mates

Balestra Mate Page -   Article, LiChess Studies and a Few Video lessons

Boden's Mate Page -  Lots of nice Articles, Studies and Video lessons on this Mate.

Diagonal Corridor Mate Page - Article, LiChess Studies, Game Collection, Video lesson

Greco's Mate Page - Articles, LiChess Studies, Game Collection, Video Lessons

Max Lange's Mate Page -  Article, LiChess Studies, Game Collection, Video Lesson

Mayet's Mate Page - Articles, LiChess Studies, Game Collection, Video Lessons

Morphy's Mate Page -  Articles, LiChess Studies, Video Lessons

Opera Mate Page - Article, LiChess Study, Video Lessons (Opera Mate Game Info as well)

Pillsbury's Mate Page - Article, LiChess Studies, Video Lessons  ( a variation of Morphy's Mate)

Reti's Mate Page - Article, LiChess Study, Game Collection, Video Lessons

Double Bishop Mate Page - Article, LiChess Studies, Video lessons (Also Bombardier Mate)

Beginner Checkmate Patterns

Scholars Mate Page - Articles, LiChess Study, Video Lessons

Fool's Mate Page -  Articles, LiChess Study, Video lessons

Knight and Rook Mates

Hook Mate Page -  Article, Lichess Studies, Games , Several Video Lessons

Arabian Mate Page -  Articles, Several Nice Lichess Studies, Games, Puzzles, Several Video Lessons

Anastasia Mate Page - Articles, Bunch Lichess Studies, Games, Puzzles, Several Video lessons

Vukovic's Mate Page
- Articles, LiChess Study, Games, Several Video lessons, Video Playlist of Games

Corner Mate Page -  Article, LiChess Study, Games, Couple Video Lessons

Knight Mates

Smothered Mates Page - Articles, LiChess Studies, game Collection, Video Lessons

Suffocation Mates Page - Article, LiChess Study, Game Collection, Video Lesson

Blackburne's Mate Page -  Articles , LiChess Study, Video Lessons

LiChess Mate Studies

Checkmate Patterns: Bishops - 44 Chapter Study (All the Mating Patterns w/ Bishops)

Checkmate Patterns: Knights - 44 Chapter Study (All the Mating Patterns w/ Knights)

Checkmate Patterns: Pawns,Rooks,Queen - 64 Chapter Study (All the Mating Patterns with Pawns, Rooks, Queen)

Mating Patterns (Part 1) - 32 Chapter Interactive Study (ChessMood Mate List )

Mating Patterns Part 2  - 10 Chapter Interactive Study  (ChessMood Mate List)

LiChess Piece Checkmate Training Page - Interactive (Q vs. B,N or Rook) (2 Bishop) (B&N Mate)

Articles Covering Many Mating Patterns

30+ Ways to Checkmate in Chess - Chessable Blog Article Showing an Example of each.

40 Checkmate Patterns Sure To Win You Games  - Chess for Sharks (Nice Article)

The Complete Checkmate Patterns List (with examples) - GM Avetik Grigoryan - ChessMood page 
36 Mating patterns w/ Explanations (Really Nice Page)

Chess Tempos Tactical Motifs Page -   Links to the Descriptions of 30 Mates (Along with other Tactics)

Top 18 Checkmate Patterns: Must-Know Checkmates for Club Players - The ChessWorld Article

Video Lessons Covering Mating Patterns

The Top 23 Checkmate Patterns | Most Important Mating Patterns In Chess | Chess Tactics and Ideas - 23 min - NM Nelson Lopez

6 Checkmate Patterns YOU MUST KNOW - 21 Min - Gotham Chess - IM Rozman

Retro 3-d T-shirt design of Chess pieces and saying "The right move is out there in the multiverse