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2009 January - April (Master Chess Game Database)


Chess games from the first 4 Months of 2009.

The Games Are from January thru April 2009
in ChessBase Format.
(Each game has at least one player 2200+ Rated
and all Duplicate Games have been removed.)

2009Jan_Apr.cbv - 6.36 Meg

All the Games in this Database have been taken from free Chess Downloads all
over the Internet.

International Chess Magazines Online
National Chess Websites
International Regional and Local Chess Clubs
Individuals Personal Websites

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sicilian - Smith-Morra Gambit (B21) - Opening Theory

If you would like a try at a white E-4 opening against the Sicilian Defense that is not for the faint of heart here is a gambit opening for you.

Smith-Morra Gambit Wikipedia Page - General Info About this Opening

1.e4 c5 2.d4 cxd4 3.c3 dxc3 4.Nxc3

Has The Morra Gambit Been Revived - Tim Harding

Articles from "The Gambit Cartel"
The Power of Ideas - Tim Mcgrew
A Little Learning - Tim Mcgrew

GM Boris Altermans Blog ( Morra Gambit Lessons)
Morra Gambit Pt 1
Morra Gambit Pt 2
Morra Gambit Pt 3
Morra Gambit Pt 4
Morra Gambit Pt 5
Morra Gambit Pt 6
Morra Gambit Pt 7

Here are 5 Chess Puzzles, all from Smith-Morra Gambit games.
Smith-Morra Gambit Puzzles
Smith-Morra Gambit Games List- Here are also 40+ games that are all Smith-Morra Gambits played by greats such as Fischer and Tal. (Viewable Online)

Finally here is a Smith-Morra Gambit Blog that goes over this gambit in great detail with plenty of illustrations.

Annotated Games
Kolenbet - Schipkov, B. [B21] - Annotated by B. Schipkov

Video Lessons
Smith-Morra Gambit Lesson - 8 Min Video (Basics of the opening)
Opening Systems- Morra -Smith Gambit - 10 min Video
Smith-Morra Chess Trap for White - 2 min Video

Annotated Game Videos
Tal vs Neibult - 9 min video (Main Line)
Matulovic vs. Segi - 10 Min Video (Main Line)

PGN Game Downloads
Smith-Morra Games PGN - 2150 games (U of Pitt Archive)
SicilianSmith-Morra.pgn - 5560 Games (

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Kings Indian Defence (E60-E99) - Opening Theory

Kings Indian Wikipedia Page - The place to start to get a general overview of this opening and its variations.
1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 g6 Black intends 3....Bg7 4....d6 Articles
The KID Bayonet Attack - by GM Arun & GM Magesh Part 1
The KID Bayonet Attack - by GM Arun & GM Magesh Part 2

Silmans Opening Archive Articles
KID- 4 Pawns Attack Article - NM Randy Bauer
KID -A Quick d4-d5 push - Andrew Martin
KID - Pain and Anguish - Karel van der Weide
Insights into and unusual KID - Manuel Monestario

Chess Cafe Articles
Fischer Plays Again (Opening Lanes 45)(E70) - IM Gary Lane
Seirawan vs Kasparov 1989 (E74) - GM Yasser Seirawan
Averbakh's System (E74) - IM Gary Lane
Dreev vs Shirov 1996 (E81) - Samisch Var GM Yasser Seirawan
Karpov vs Timman 1993 (E81) -Samisch Var. GM Yasser Seirawan
The Saemich Var. - IM Gary Lane
Karpov vs Kasparov (E86) - GM Yasser Seirawan
Picket vs Van Wely 1994 (E90) - Gm Yasser Seirawan

KID Fireworks Part 1 - IM Andrew Martin
KID Fireworks Part 2 - IM Andrew Martin
KID Fireworks Part 3 - IM Andrew Martin
KID Fireworks Part 4 - IM Andrew Martin

Kings Indian Tactics .pdf - 25 pages of KID tactics by Eric Schiller
Kings Indian Defence .pdf - 11 pages of the basic ideas behind the KID

Kings Indian 4 Pawns Attack - Website Tutorial
Classical KID Ideas with Na6- Kenilworth Chess Club article
Kings Indian - The Saemich Variation - A system against the KID
Kings Indian Defence Classical - FM David Levin
Can Blitz Teach Us Anything about the King’s Indian Defense Bayonet Attack? - IM Mark Ginsburg

Chess Puzzles by Opening
King's Indian (E60) - 1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 g6 (10 Puzzles)
King's Indian, Four Pawns Attack (E76) - (10 Puzzles)
King's Indian, Saemisch (E81) - (10 Puzzles)
King's Indian (E97) - (10 Puzzles)

Openings on Demand
King's Indian Defense Electronic Book (E-Book) Part I
King's Indian Defense Electronic Book (E-Book) Part II

Annotated Games
Dreev, A. (2685) - Smirin, I. (2691) [E81]
Schipkov, Boris (2355) - Socko, Bartosz [E84]
Schipkov, Boris (2355) - Monin, Nikolay (2405) [E87]
Goldin, A. (2630) - Shulman, Y. (2595) [E90]
Bu Xiangzhi [2708] - Vadim Zvjaginsev [2674] [E83]

Kings Indian Videos
KID Opening Trap - 9.5 min Video
Fischer's Use of KID vs d4 - 9min Video
KID 7. ...Nc6 - 7min Video
KID 7. ...Nbd7 7. ...Na6 - 8min Video
Bayonet attack against the Kings Indian defence Part 1 - 9 Min Video
Bayonet attack against the Kings Indian defence Part II - 9 Min Video

Intro to the Kings Indian - 16 Min Video (IM Jesse Kraai)
Kasparov on the Kings Indian Pt 1 - 19 Min Video (IM John-Paul Wallace)
Kasparov on the Kings Indian Pt 2 - 14 Min Video (IM John-Paul Wallace)
Kasparov on the Kings Indian Pt 3 - 19 Min Video (IM John-Paul Wallace)
Kasparov on the Kings Indian Pt 4 - 22 Min Video (IM John-Paul Wallace)
Kasparov on the Kings Indian Pt 5 - 19 Min Video (IM John-Paul Wallace)
Kasparov on the Kings Indian Pt 6 - 19 Min Video (IM John-Paul Wallace)
Kasparov on the Kings Indian Pt 7 - 27 Min Video (IM John-Paul Wallace)
Kasparov on the Kings Indian Pt 8 - 22 Min Video (IM John-Paul Wallace)

Annotated KID Game Videos
KID Part 1 - 9 Min Video (IM Golembeck vs NM Fudera)
KID Part 2 - 10 Min Video (GM Shamkovich vs IM Nezmetinov)
KID Part 3 - 9 Min Video (Soloman Flor vs GM Alexi Suetin)
Oosterom vs Timmerman 1996 - 7.5 Min Video
Oosterom vs Timmerman - 1999 -6.5 Min Video
GM Ivar Bern vs GM Oosterom - 9 Min Video
Ljubojevic vs Kasparov 1993 - 9 Min Video
Gelfand vs Kasparov - 11 Min Video
Piket vs Kasparov - 11 Min Video
Petrosian vs. Fischer, 1958 - 11 Min Video
GM Ivanchuk vs GM Radjabov (Bayonet Attack) - 10 Min Video

Vegita (FM) vs Chessstud (IM Greg Shahade) - 5 min Blitz (Annotated with post-mortem)
Heileh (IM Heikki Lehtinen) vs Chessstud (IM Greg Shahade) - 5 Min Blitz (Annotated with post-mortem)
Thesalesman (FM Charles Galofre) vs Chessstud (IM Greg Shahade) - 5 min Blitz (Annotated with post-mortem)
plamkasidi (GM Dusan Popovic) vs Chessstud (IM Greg Shahade) - 5 min Blitz (Annotated with post-mortem)

Kings Indian Videos - (About 10 live game Videos and 6 Analysis Game Videos running from 10 min to 30 min each)

PGN Downloads (From
KID Averbakh - 5843 games
KID Fianchetto - 11208 games
KID 4 Pawns - 4951 games
KID Saemisch - 16376 games
KID Classical Main Line - 12972 games
KID Classical other 7th move -21503 games
KID Classical other 5th and 6th -6240 games
KID Classical Petrosian -4420 games

Monday, April 20, 2009

Chess Endgame Lessons


Mark Lowery's Exciting World of Chess
Endgame Lessons
Introduction, Basic Types, Rules, Principles, Concepts, Considerations
Basic Endgames-Introduction to Positional Themes Basic_Endgames_Positional_Themes.pdf(107KB)
>Bishop Pair Simple/Basic Checkmating
Bishop_Pair_checkmating.pdf (71KB)
King, Knight, & wing pawn v. King Endgame Strategy
Passed pawns in King Endgames (long)
King-pawn_Endgames.pdf (258KB)
King, pawn, & Bishop v. King endgame-Wrong Colored Bishop
King_pawn_Bishop_v_King.pdf (32KB)
The Art of Combinations for Endgames A Prime Example
Art_of_Combinations_for_Endgames-Prime_Ex.pdf <(31KB)
The Art of Combinations for Endgames Enhancing Chess Vision (conclusion) Art_of_Combinations_for_Endgames-Conclusion.pdf (30KB)The Lucena Position-Endgame Theory
The Troitzky Line
Troitzky_Line.pdf (253KB)
The Second Troitzky Line
Skewering in King & Queen v. King & Queen Endgames
Skewering1.pdf (20KB)

Advanced Lessons In Endgame Strategy by Jan Van Reek
150 Historical Chess Endings (PGN-File) (Cbase-zip)- 150 best over-the-board, theoretical and composed endings got new annotations.
22 Endgame Strategy Lessons - (PGN File)

Chess Endgame Study and Practice -  Jrobichess

Chess Cafe

95+ Endgame Articles - (Endgame Corner by Karsten Mueller) covering all facets of the Endgame
Endgame Studies - Over 850 Studies by hundreds of different composers.

Chess Endgame Blogs 
Chess Endgame Studies by Árpád Rusz - Nice Site with 30+ Endgame Books for Download

Endgame Videos -- from
 (85 Videos Running from a couple Min to 45 Min in length)

PGN Game Downloads & Annotated Databases

Grandmaster games (8k games) and a hand full of Openings (17k games) here with game downloads.

PGN Mentor
By far the largest collection of PGN downloads I have come across. Broken up into Openings, Players and Events with Tournaments from 1851- 2008. Hundreds of thousands of games here.

Chess Game Collection - 500,000 Games Broken into their ECO code or Famous player collections.

Encyclopedia of Chess Openings - Click any ECO code link here and download a PGN of games of that opening ranging in size from 2000-20,000 games. (From

Annotated Chess Databases - (Excellent Source of Free Annotated Games)
600+ Match Games from López to Anand.More than 100 super tournaments have been annotated.
Hoogovens and Corus organised chess tournaments 1938-2008
Top grandmasters playing in Linares from 1978-2008
Dutch and German Championships

Others ...

British   - National Archive of British Games (Pre-1920's -2010)
CanadaNational Archive of Canadian Games (1873-2013)
       ----British Columbia - Archive  of Games 20k
       ----Nova Scotia - Archive of Tourn. and Games Collection 
France - French Download Page (In French) 
Germany & Germany2 - 1981-2013 (In German)(Two different Sites)
Greece - 1984-Today
Italbasedata and games of the most important chess competitions played in Italy

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Scandinavian Defense (Center Counter Defense) (B01) - Opening Theory

Scandinavian Defense Wikipedia Page - General opening theory and history.

1.e4 d5
Centre-Counter Tutorial -
The Anti -Portuguese System -by Michael Goeller

CHESS PIECE: SCANDINAVIAN SECRETS - Blog post Refuting the Qa5 line of the Scandinavian by Bobby Ang

Chess Cafe Articles
(Opening Lanes #86) - Treasure Island - IM Gary Lane (1.e4 d5 2.exd5 Nf6 3.d4 Nxd5 4.c4 Nb4)
(Opening Lanes #71) - Scandinavian Defence - IM Gary Lane (1.e4 d5 2.exd5 Nf6 3.Bb5+ Bd7)
(Opening Lanes #61) - Scandinavian Defence -IM Gary Lane (1.e4 d5 2.Nf3!?)
(Opening Lanes #55) - Scandinavian Defence - IM Gary Lane (1.e4 d5 2.exd5 Nf6 3.d4 Nxd5 4.c4 Nb4!?)
(Opening Lanes #44) - The Icelandic Gambit -IM Gary Lane (1.e4 d5 2.exd5 Nf6 3.c4 e6!? )
(Over the Horizons #6) - A Queen on Wheels -Stefan Bucker (Lasker Variation)

Chess Videos
YouTube Videos
Chess Lesson : Scandinavian Defense - 9 Min Video
A Dozen Scandinavian Defense Videos running from 6 Min to 27 Min
IM Greg Shahade (Chessstud) vs GM Leon Gofshtein (Orange) - ICC 5 Min Blitz Game
(Interesting Piece Sacrifice Line by White in this Scandinavian Opening Line)

PGN Game Downloads (From
Scand3Qd6-Qd8.pgn - ( 2...Queenxd5, 3...Queend6 and 3...Queend8) - 3721 games
Scand2Qxd5-3Qa5.pgn -( 2...Queenxd5, 3...Queena5) - 10843 games
Scand2Nf6-3d4.pgn - ( 2...Knightf6 3.d4 ) - 6488 games
Scand2Nf6Other.pgn - (2...Knightf6 Other) - 7874 games -(1.e4 d5) - 4905 Games (U.of Pitt Archive)
B01.pgn - (1.e4 d5) - 14021 Games ( )

Monday, April 6, 2009

Halloween Gambit (Müller-Schulze Gambit) (C46) - Opening Theory

The Müller-Schulze Gambit or Leipzig Gambit, also known more recently as the Halloween Attack or Halloween Gambit, is an aggressive but dubious gambit, in which White sacrifices a knight for just one pawn.

1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3. Nc3 Nf6 4 Nxe5

Müller-Schulze Gambit Wikipedia Page - General Knowledge and History of this Gambit

A Breeze in the Sleepy 4 Knights Game - Nice Article on Chess Cafe by Tim Krabbé

Chess Videos
Chess Openings- Halloween Gambit - 11 Min Video
Halloween Gambit Analysis Game - 28 Min Video
Icelandic Miniatures #2 - 9 Min Video (Game Analysis by FIDE Master)

PGN Game Downloads (Downloads from - 21 Games - 89 Games - 3308 Games (U Pitt FTP Server)

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Nimzo-Indian Defense (E20-E59) - Opening Theory

Nimzo Indian Defense Wikipedia Page - General opening theory, History and Variations

1.d4 Nf6 2. c4 e6 3.Nc3 Bb4
The Nimzo-Indian Rubinstein Variation - An solid aggressive and simple system against the Nimzo-Indian Defense Tutorial
A Pawn Sacrifice Revisited - IM Andrew Martin

Nimzo-Indian Gambits
Belyavsky Gambit

Annotated Nimzo-Indian Games
Bacrot, E. vs Anand, V. (E20) - Boris Schipkov
Lautier, J. vs Korchnoi V. (E20) - Boris Schipkov
Timman vs Karpov (E21) - Inside Chess GM Yasser Seirawan
Volkov, S. vs Sakaev, K (E25) - Boris Schipkov
Kramnik, Vladimir (2751) - Kasparov, Garry (2830) [E32] - Malcolm Pein
Roiz,Michael (2605) - Karpov,Anatoly (2668) [E37] - FM Dennis Monokrousses
Karpov,Anatoly (2668) - Georgiev,Kiril (2660) [E37] - FM Dennis Monokrousses
Khalifman, A vs Anand, V. (E42) -Boris Schipkov
Kasparov vs Kramnik (E47) - Inside Chess GM Yasser Seirawan
Malakhov, Vladimir - Nielsen, Peter Heine [E46] - Boris Schipkov
Aleksandrov, Aleksej (2630) - Lugovoi, Alexei (2540) [E48]
Van Wely, Loek (2681) - Acs, Peter (2591) [E48]
Lugovoi, Aleksei - Balashov, Yuri [E52]
Kramnik, Vladimir (2751) - Kasparov, Garry (2830) [E54]
Kramnik, Vladimir (2751) - Kasparov, Garry (2830) [E55] -Neil McDonald, Malcolm Pein, Chris Duncan
Aleksandrov, A. (2620) - Adams, M. (2745) [E55]
Khalifman A vs Anand V [E55]
Goldin, Alexander (2618) - Ye Jiangchuan (2676) [E61]

Chess Videos
Nimzo-Indian Defense - Only a handful of Videos here on this opening.

YouTube Videos
Chess Lesson - Nimzo Indian Defence Part 1 - 10 min Video
Chess Lesson - Nimzo Indian Defense Part 2 - 10 Min Video
Annotated Nimzo-Indian Game Videos
Ivanchuk vs Karpov - 11 Min Video
Anand vs Kramnik - 11 Min Video
Kasparov vs Chuchelov - 8 Min Video
Portisch vs Fischer - 8 min Video
Topalov vs Aronian - 11 Min Video
Reshevsky vs Donner - 9 Min Video
Morozevich vs Carlsen - 10 Min Video
Murshed vs Bradbury - 9 Min Video

PGN Game Downloads
Nimzo4Nf3.pgn - 4501 Games
NimzoSaemisch.pgn - 2032 Games
NimzoLeningrad.pgn - 2465 Games
Nimzo4f3.pgn - 2745 Games
NimzoOther4.pgn - (Other 4th Moves) 2471 Games
NimzoCl4O-O.pgn -(Classical, 4....0-0) 6946 Games
NimzoCl4c5.pgn - (Classical 4.....c5) 4580 Games
NimzoClOther.pgn -(Classical Other) 4380 Games
NimzoRub4O-O.pgn -(Rubinstein, 4....0-0) 8355 Games
NimzoRub4c5.pgn - (Rubinstein, 4....c5) 6505 Games
NimzoRubOther.pgn - (Rubinstein, Other) 4901 Games

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Ponziani Opening (C44) - Opening Theory

Ponziani Opening Wikipedia Page - General Opening Info and History.
Ponziani Opening - 19 Update Articles on the opening (Each an annotated game or new development)

1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc3 3.c3

Chess Cafe Articles
Opening Lanes 68 - Third Game Analyzed is a Ponziani - Gary Lane
Opening Lane 54 - Whole Article on Ponziani - Gary Lane

Annotated Games
S Zeidler vs J Littlewood - annotated by GM PAUL MOTWANI
Nigel Short vs. Gata Kamskey (2007) - Annotated by FM Dennis Monokroussos

Chess Videos
Ponziani Opening Video Pt 1 - 10 min Video
More on the Ponziani Pt2 - 9 Min Video

Ponziani PGN Downloads
Ponziani - 2934 Games (From
C44 Opening - 1351 Games (From - 665 Games (U Pitt ftp Server)