Friday, November 28, 2008

Rook and Pawn Endgames

Since the most common Endgames are Rook and Pawn here are the links I have found to help one learn them.

Tarrasch Rule Wikipedia page - explaining the "rule" that rooks should be placed behind passed pawns with reasons, illustrations and exceptions.

Chess Cafe Endgame Corner Articles by GM Karsten Muller
Rook Endgame Exercises 1 .pdf
Rook Endgame Exercises 2 .pdf
Not All Rook Endgames are Drawn .pdf
The Rook Belongs Behind the Passed Pawn .pdf
Mysterious Rook Endgames .pdf
All Rook Endings are Drawn .pdf
Rooks Revisited .pdf
Checking Distances, Shelters and More .pdf
Rook Endgame with 2 connected passed pawns .pdf

Active Rooks .pdf - Mark Dvoretsky
Discoveries in Rook Endgames .pdf - Mark Dvoretsky
Endgames That need to be Mastered- 23 famous Chessgames (King and Pawn and Rook and Pawn endgames.)

Video Lessons

Endgame Study: Saavedra Position - 4 min Video
Endgame Study: Lucena Position - 10 min Video
Endgame Study: Philidor Position - 8 min Video
All Rook Endgames are Drawn - 15 min Video by FM Charles Galofre

Rook Ending - Long Side and Short Side - 6 min Video
Checking Distance in Rook Endings - 11 min Video
2nd Rank Stalemate Trap in Rook Endings - 10 min Video
Gregoriev's Combined Method - 11 Min Video (This method is applicable for c,d,e,f pawns that have not yet reached the 5th rank, where the defender's king is cut off at least 2 files and the defender's rook is defending via frontal attack. )

Understanding Rook Endgames 1) Piece Activity - 10 Min Video
Understanding Rook Endgames 2) Creating Weakness - 6 Min Video

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