Friday, May 1, 2009

Kings Indian Attack - Opening Theory

A chess opening system for White that is not a series of specific moves, but rather a system that can be played from many different move orders. The KIA is often reached via 1.e4 followed by d3, Nd2, Ngf3, g3, Bg2, and 0-0, it can also arise from 1. g3, 1. Nf3, or even 1. d3.

Kings Indian Attack Wikipedia Page - General Opening Knowledge and History.

The Kings Indian Attack - Notes on a Lecture by FM Steve Stoyko (9 Annotated Games)

Annotated Games

Petrosian vs Pachman 1961 [A04]

Chess Videos
Kings Indian Attack Lesson 1   -  15 Min JRobie
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Kings Indian Attack Lesson         - 11 Min Video (Chess
50+ Kings Indian Attack Games -Videos Running from 4 Min to 45Min

PGN Game Downloads
Kings Indian (Comprehensive) - 4410 Games (U of Pitt Archive)
Reti/Kings Indian Attack .pgn - 17052 Games (


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