Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Online Chess Databases

NicBase Online
Just plug in your moves and then hit Classify and this online program will bring up what opening you used and all the variations . It has 1.25 million games you can retrieve to study and most of all its free to use with no registration or anything.

Allows for Searching for games, Classifying games, Browsing through Nic-Key tree and finally viewing games.

NicBase Online - 1.25 Million Game Database

ChessLab Online Java Database
2 million games updated with all the most recent events.
The search feature here is really nice. Will also analyze positions.

You can bring back games by opening, event, player, rating or just positions. You can also download your search results in blocks of 10 games at a time into pgn format.

Chesslab Database - 2 Million Game Database

365Chess.com Chess Database
Claims to be the biggest Chess Database online. ECO Openings index and Openings Explorer.
To Download games you must sign up with site. (Registration is Free)

365Chess Database - 3.5 Million Game Database

ChessBase Online - Online Java Database
4.2 Million game database. Will search positions and bring you back 2000 games at a time.
Also has a name search that takes you to their player database where you get a history and picture of the player and can bring back their games.

Chessbase Database - 4.2 Million Game Database

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Chess Training Page

Here is a list of over 130 Chess lessons and tutorials in PDF and HTML format all in one place gathered from all over the Internet.
Chess Tutorials

Predator at the Chessboard - A field guide to chess tactics. Lots of Lessons on tactics with practical examples and quiz's. This is a really nice free site for anyone wanting to improve their tactics.

Beginner Lessons
Chesskid.com  -  Offers Instruction to help Kids learn Chess (Lessons and Videos Very nice)
Chess Lab  - Basics are covered
US Chess Federation Beginner Course
Chess Corner Learn Chess Guide - Bunch of Very nice lessons right up to intermediate stuff.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Chess Tactics Servers

Here are a couple servers that dish up chess problems that you solve with differing degrees of difficulty. You must set up an account on each but they are free.

Chess Tactics Server - rates your ability to solve a puzzle against a clock and gives you a performance rating. 23,000 + problems and its free. The puzzles come fast and are tailored to your rating.

(The absolute plus with this site is that of the problems. Unlike Chess Tempo the problems here are mostly tactical combinations that win material or even save yourself from being mated. The problems here make this site a must for practice.)

Chess Tempo- also gives you a rating for solving problems and has a lot to do for free as well. 32,000 + problems here and in all honesty this site is a lot nicer looking and will give you things like the average time a problem was completed, the type of problem, along with graphs and such of your performance.
There are two ratings given here, one for Blitz (Problems with a time limit) and Standard (Just solving with no time limit) The comments section here is a lot of help as well for figuring out why a problem is solved a certain way.
This site now offers endgame problems as well with an Endgame Rating.

(One of the biggest problems with this site is that a lot of the problems here are mates. ( 1 in 3 problems are mates)
This site is the cream of the crop for anyone wanting a free place to practice Chess Tactics though. For a paid membership here one can organize, pick and choose the types and difficulty of problems to practice. For free one really can't complain at all about the offerings.

If you like just working on your tactical awareness while looking at the board both of these places are for you.

Chess.com Tactics Trainer - If you sign up for a free account you can use their tactics trainer for 3 timed problems a day. This site gives you a tactics rating as well.
I have to say the problems here appear to be really very good.

ChessGym another Very Nice site with over 60,000 rated problems. Sign up for a free account. Can do Blitz, Endgame, Attacking, Defending.

IdeaChess - 100,000 interactive Problems. Gives you a rating to watch as you improve at the puzzles. Problems for all from Beginner, intermediate to advanced.