Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Chess Tactics - Zwischenzug

German "in-between move". An unexpected move tossed into an expected series of moves.

Zwischenzug Wikipedia page - With explanations and examples

Examples Of Zwischenzug
Couple of Examples from Chess Digest
Stangle M. vs Schwaninger W. - From The Chess Mind blog
FM Asa Hoffman vs NM Jim West - From Jim West's Blog (Annotated by both players)
43 Chess Games with a Zwischenzug - From (Some nicely annotated games here)
14 Chess Games with a Zwischenzug - From

Video Lesson
Zwishenzug - Free Chess lecture - 25 meg Download from (46 min Video Lecture with 5 example games including a Fischer game)

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Chess Tactics - Learning to Count

“Pins and forks and removal of the guard
usually occur a few times a game. Counting takes place
whenever possible exchanges exist – almost every move after
the early opening.” - Heisman

Novice Nook Articles on Counting by Dan Heisman
A Counting Primer .pdf
The Most Important Tactic .pdf
Is it Safe? .pdf
The Two Types of Counting Problems.pdf

Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Stonewall Attack - Opening Theory

Stonewall Wikipedia Page - The Stonewall is a Variation of the Queen Pawns Game.
It is characterized by White playing 1.d4, 2.e3, 3.f4 and 4.c3, usually playing 5.Bd3 as well, even though the moves are not always played in that order.

Dutch Stonewall-Playing Black against QP openings .pdf - 8 page booklet from Exeter Chess Club
(Not the Stonewall Attack but playing the same pawn structure as black)
e6 and g6 against the Stonewall - Simple Exeter Chess Club info on these Lines.

The Stonewall Attack - A lecture by NM Yaacov Norowitz from The Kenilworth Chess Club (Click on any of the chess notation in the lecture and the position appears on the board on the page) Two nicely annotated games in this lecture as well.
Yaacov's ICC Games with the Stonewall - 36 games you can play through with a Viewer
Supplemental Stonewall Games. - 4 classic Stonewall Games

The Battering Ram - article by GM Vinay Bhat - on one of the main ways to combat the Stonewall Attack.

Annotated Games
Two Stonewall Games played by IM's - Game 1 Game 2
E.Horowitz vs Amateur - Running into a Stonewall

Stonewall Attack Video's

Stonewall Legacy Series - Group of Videos on the Stonewall
Introduction - 6 min Video
Baltic Defense - 10 min Video
The Baltic Trap 4...Nc6! -5 min Video
Horowitz Defense - 10 min Video
Teichmann Defense - 11 min Video
Mainline with 5....Bd6 -11 min Video
Mainline with 6....Qc7 - 7 min Video
Bg4 Lines - 10 min Video

ChessVideo.tvStonewall Attack Videos - 10 Analysis Game Videos

PGN Game Downloads
Stonewall Attack - 60 games (From U of Pitt Chess Archive)
(Games from
ECO- D00 - Double Queen Pawn Game - 2033 games
ECO - A45 - Indian Systems - 3561 games
ECO - A03 - Birds Opening - 951 Games

Monday, December 22, 2008

Kings Gambit (C30-C39) - Opening Theory

1.e4 e5 2.f4

Kings Gambit Wikipedia Page - For a general overview of the opening and its variations along with its history.
Fischer Defense Wikipedia Page - Page Devoted to the Fischer Defense to the Kings Gambit
Ideas Behind the Kings Gambit - Exeter Chess Club (Nice Lesson)
Kings Gambit Homepage - Blog Devoted to the Kings Gambit with 20 or so Articles

The Bishops Gambit - 1.e4 e5 2.f4 exf4 3.Bc4 - Article from Tim Mcgrew
Article about a line in Kieseritzky Gambit - Ignacio Martin

Not Quite Winning with the Allgaier Gambit - The Kibitzer Article by Tim Harding
Last Rites for the Allgaier Gambit - The Kibitzer Article by Tim Harding

Chessville Articles
From Neo-From to Kings Gambit - By Aaro Jalas
The Panteldakis Counter Gambit - By Clyde Nakamura (A 2 pawn Sacrifice Counter Gambit)

Public Domain E-Book
The Works of Gíanutío, and Gustavus Selenus on the Game of Chess - Zipped Pdf Format
ugustus the Younger, Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg wrote his book on chess, Chess or the King's Game, under the pseudonym Gustavus Selenus. Gianutio, meanwhile, is known for a pair of lines in the King's Gambit, the Gianutio Countergambit – C34 – 1.e4 e5 2.f4 exf4 3.Nf3 f5, and the Lopez-Gianutio Countergambit – C33 – 1.e4 e5 2.f4 exf4 3.Bc4 f5.)

(Kings Gambit Chess Puzzles)
King's Gambit: Allagier & Kiesertisky (C39) -
1.e4 e5 2.f4 exf4 3.Nf3 g5 4.h4(10 Puzzles)

(Annotated Games)

Martinovsky-Morss, King's Island, 1994. -Modern Defense
Shaw-Morss, US12P01. - Modern Defense
Immortal Game -Anderssen - Kieseritzky 1851 - (C33)
Gurevich vs Kamsky 1991 (C30) - Annotated by Yassir Seirawan
Morozevich vs Aleksandrov 2002 (C37) - Annotated by Yassir Seirawan

Video Lessons
Kings Gambit Opening Lesson - 10 min Video
Kings Gambit Declined Opening Trap - 6 min Video
Fischers Play in the Kings Gambit Accepted - 11 min Video
Kings Gambit Basic Opening Principals - 10 min Video

Kings Gambit Accepted: A Model Game for White - 40 min Video (NM Dana Mackenzie)
Kings Gambit Accepted (Fischer Defense) Lesson Part 1 - 9 min Video
Kings Gambit Accepted (Fischer Defense) Lesson Part 2 - 7 min Video

Chess Openings -The Kings Gambit Part 1 - 10 Min Video
Chess Openings - The Kings Gambit Part 2 - 6 Min Video
Kings Gambit Videos - 12 Analysis Games running from 4 - 20 min each

PGN Game Downloads
Kings Gambit pgn - 9017 games (From
Kings Gambit / Falkbeer Counter Gambit - 454 Games (From

Downloads From
C30 Kings Gambit - 482 games
C31 Kings Gambit Declined,Falkbeer Counter Gambit -178 games
C32 Kings Gambit, Falkbeer Counter Gambit - 85 games
C33 Kings Gambit Accepted - 228 games
C34 King's Knights Gambit - 333 games
C35 Kings Gambit-Cunninghams Variation - 101 games
C36 Kings Gambit-Modern Variation - 239 games
C37 Kings Gambit - 62 games
C38 Kings gambit-Hanstein Variation - 69 games
C39 Kings Gambit-Kieseritsky Variation - 124 games

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Doubled Pawns

Doubled Pawn Wikipedia Article - always a place to start when looking at a Chess subject
All About Doubled Pawns - Article reprinted online from Chess Life from IM Larry Kaufman
The Bright Side of Doubled Pawns - FM Dennis Monokroussos

Is a Doubled c-pawn worth a Bishop? - Good article by Peter Lane at Exeter Chess Club

Doubled Pawns Strengths and Weakness - Article by Gorgi Orlov
Doubled Pawns in the Kings Indian Defense Structure - Article by Gorgi Orlov

Video Lessons
Exploiting Doubled Pawns around an opponents King - 11 min Video
Matisons vs Nimzovich - 6 min Video (Who better than Nimzovich to show how to play against doubled pawns)

Friday, December 19, 2008

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Evans Gambit (C51-C52) - Opening Theory

1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3.Bc4 Bc5 4. b4
The Evans Gambit is an aggressive variant of the Giuoco Piano, which normally continues with the positional moves 4. c3 or 4. d3.

Evans Gambit Wikipedia Page - general knowledge and history of the opening.
Welcome to the Evans Gambit - Website devoted to the Evans. Explanations of its history, past and present, and main lines.
An Introduction to the Evans Gambit - 8 pages on the Evans by Richard Westbrook

Articles on the Evans in Jeremy Silman's Opening Archive
Theory in the Evans Gambit
Evans Gambit Redux
More on the Evans Gambit

GM Boris Altermans Blog (Evans Gambit Lessons)
Evans Gambit Pt 1 - Annotated Fischer,Robert James - Boatner,J [C51]
Evans Gambit Pt 2 - Annotated Fischer,Robert James - Fine,Reuben
Evans Gambit Pt 3 - Annotated Morphy,Paul - Hampton,Thomas Inglis
Evans Gambit Pt 4 - Annotated Morphy,Paul - De Riviere,Jules Arnous
Evans Gambit Pt 5 - Annotated Morphy,Paul - Morphy,Alonzo

Articles in the ChessCafe Archive
The Evans Gambit Part 1 .pdf - The search for the truth in the Evans Gambit
The Evans Gambit Part 2 .pdf- Chigorin's experiences with the Evans Gambit
The Evans Gambit Reloaded .pdf - The Kibitzer (Tim Harding)

(Annotated Games)
The Evergreen Game.pdf - Famous Game between Adolf Anderssen - Jean Dufresne
Berlin 1852
Short,Nigel (2691) - Sokolov,Ivan (2655) [C51] - The Chess Mind Blog
GM Short (2645) vs. GM L'Ami (2581) (2008) - Article
S. Conquest - L. Winants [C51] - Kenilworth Chess Club

Video Lessons ( Some Serious hours of Video instruction on the Evans Gambit)
Chess Lesson - Evans Gambit Opening - 10 min video
Corus 2008 Short vs Sargissian - 11 min Video (With good analysis)
Evans Gambit Full Analysis Part 1 - 47 min Lecture
Evans Gambit Full Analysis Part 2 - 41 min Lecture
Evans Gambit Full Analysis Part 3 -53 min Lecture
Evans Gambit Full Analysis Part 4 -17 min Lecture
Gambit Guide pt 2 - GM Boris Alterman 33 min Video
Gambit Guide pt 3 - GM Boris Alterman 32 min Video
Gambit Guide Pt 4 - GM Boris Alterman 33 min Video

Chess Trap 11 in Evans Gambit - 3 Min Video
Chess Trap 12 in Evans Gambit - 2 Min Video
Chess Trap 13 in Evans Gambit - 3 Min Video
Chess Trap 14 in Evans Gambit - 2 Min Video

Annotated Game Videos (YouTube)
Short vs Sargissian (2008) - 10 Min Video
Chigorin Vs. Emanuel Lasker - 19 Min Total
Part 1 , Part 2
Kasparov vs Anand (1995) - 8 Min Video

PGN Game Downloads

Evans Gambit 966 Games- (From
Evans Gambit (C51) 184 Games - (From
Evans Gambit (C52) 131 Games - (From

Bishop Endings

Opposite Colored Bishop Endgame - Rather large Wikipedia page on this topic
How to use the Bishop - Basic 6 Page Article about Bishops with some Endgame Info Also.
The Value of "Elementary" Endgame Knowledge - Opposite colored bishops article by Mark Dvoretsky

2 Bishop Checkmate Article - From King Chess Club

Materialism , Opposite Colored Bishops, and Kasparovs Theorem - Article by GM Vbhat

Endgame Corner Articles by Karsten Muller
Bishops at Work Part 1 - Same color bishop endgames
Bishops at Work Part 2 - Same color bishop endgames
Bishops at Work Part 3 - Same color bishop endgames
Bishops of Opposites
Bishops of Opposites Revisited
Bishops and Overgrown Pawns - Topic of same colored bishop endings
The Power of the Bishop Pair
Bishops vs Pawns Part 1
Bishops vs Pawns Part 2
The Bishop Pair Part 1
The Bishop Pair Part 2


Checkmate with 2 Bishop - 10 min Video
Bishop and Pawn vs Same colored Bishop - 10 min Video
Endgames Bishops of the Same Color - 17 Min Video

PGN Games Download

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Opening Tactics

Below are two downloads of mostly very short games where one opponent or the other blundered and had a strong tactic played against him or her. These can be used to train ones tactical awareness in openings or to just practice through openings looking for blunders.

Tactics in the Openings -(by Richard Scholler) Chess Base Database with about 1000 games. All are 10-13 moves with a tactical combination. Great to use as practice seeing opening blunders and honing ones tactics. Many of these games are played by master level players.

11,000 Master-GM Short Mates - ( by Tom McCormick) This is a zipped PGN file of games by players FIDE 2300+. Games are sorted by Shortest mates first (6 move mate, 7 move mate etc.)

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Scotch Game (C44-45) - Opening Theory

1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.d4
The Scotch is an opening players throw at you to avoid the well analyzed lines of the Ruy Lopez.

Scotch Game Wikipedia page for starters and general knowledge about the opening and its variations.

Scotch Articles and Lessons
Scotch Gambit Article - Simple article on the main lines
Adventures of the Scotch Scrapper -Article by Karl van der Weide
Goring Gambit Declined - plans for black to counter this Gambit

ChessCafe Articles
C45 - Scotch Game - Informant at ChessCafe
A Glass of Scotch - Article about the Scotch Gambit
A Second Dram of the Scotch Gambit- 16 pg Article of the 2 main Accepted Variations of the Scotch Gambit
Scotch and Ice - 13 pg Article about Resurgence of Steinitz Variation

Three Part Post on The Chess Mind blog on The Goring and Danish Gambits
Two perspectives on the Capablanca defence - part 1
On the Goring and Danish Gambits - part 2
How to handle the Goering and Danish Gambits with one easy line- part 3

Scotch Game Chess Puzzles
(From 10,000 Chess Puzzles)
Scotch Game (C45) - 1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.d4 exd4 4.Nxd4 (10 Puzzles)

Annotated Games
Kasparaov vs Nikolic - Scotch Game Article annotated by Yasser Seirawan
The London-Vienna Correspondence Match - Article by Tim Harding
Deep Fritz - Kramnik, Vladimir (2807) [C45]

Scotch Video Lessons
Scotching the Scotch - 28 Min Video Analysis of a Scotch Game by FM Dennis Monokroussos(Excellent Video)
Scotch Game Steinitz Variation - 10 min Video
Scotch Gambit - Strong Lines for Black 21 min Video
Scotch Game Videos - 22 Analysis Game Videos running from 5 min-35 min in length.

Scotch PGN Game Downloads from
Goering Gambit - 1430 games
Scotch Gambit -4171 games
Scotch 4.Nf6 -4469 games
Scotch 4.Bc5 - 5666 games
Scotch Other 4. -2777 games

C44 - 4885 Games - (From
C45 - 6783 Games - (From

Friday, December 5, 2008

Pawn Structure

General Info at Wikipedia on Pawn Structure and the 16 major pawn formations.
General Info at Wikibooks on The different Pawn Types, Doubled, Hanging, Passed etc.
Introduction To Chess: Pawns - Article on pawn types and structures

Exeter Chess Club Lessons
Doubled C pawns (are they worth a bishop?)
Weak Pawns - Introduction to theory and practice
Pawn Formations - An A-Z Guide
Pawn Mobility

IM Orlov Articles
Pawn Structure (d4 vs c6 and e6)
Doubled Pawns in the KID structure
The Isolated Central Pawn
Doubled Pawns (Strengths and Weakness)

The Isolani Lecture - FM Steve Stoyko
Lawless Pawns - Mark Dvoretsky (Pawns arranged against the rules)
Blockading Passed Pawns - Mark Dvoetsky

FM David Levin
To Plan for the Middlegame, Read the Pawn Structure (Part 1)
To Plan for the Middlegame, Read the Pawn Structure (Part 2)

Video Lessons - GM Roman Dzindzichashvili
Pawn Structure Part 1 - 8 min video
Pawn Structure Part 2 - 9 min video
Pawn Structure Part 3 - 8 min video
Pawn Structure Part 5 - 9 min video
Pawn Structure Part 6 - 9 min video

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Tactics - X-Ray

X-Ray - Is a tactic where a ranged piece supports a "friendly" piece through an enemy piece.

X-Ray (Chess) - Wikipedia Page with a nice explanation and 10 examples.

X-Ray Attack - 4 Page Tutorial with examples and Video
X-Ray (Attack or Defense) - Simple Tutorial

Tactics Trainer With the X-Ray Motif  (Try a few)

Chess Videos
Chess Tactics X-Ray - 7 Min Video
X-Ray Attack (Petrosian vs Ree Wijk ann Zee 1971) - 3 Min Video