Monday, June 29, 2009

The Colle System - Opening Theory

A good tool for avoiding book variations, for blitz play , or for forcing opponents to think for themselves early on. These days it is considered totally innocuous, and is rarely seen at Master level or above.

Colle System Wikipedia Page - Basic opening information

Quick-Start Guide to the Colle Zukertort, a Chess Opening System for Players of Any Strength - article on

The Rubinstein Attack - A Chess Opening Strategy for White - 25 page PDF book by Eric Schiller
(Known by many names including Colle with b3, Modern Colle, Yusupov-Rubinstein Variation,
Rubinstein Opening, Zukertort-Rubinstein Opening and Zukertort-Yusupov Opening)

1.d4 d5 Black Repertoire - Lecture -Kenilworth Chess Club Lecture by FM Steve Stoyko

Colle Zukertort - Modules from the Book "Moment of Zuke"
Intro and Module 1 (Early Move Order Quandrys) - 16 page PDF
Module 2 - Fighting an early Q-side Fianchetto - 21 page PDF
The Phoenix Attack Quickstart Guide - New idea in the Colle-Koltanowski (the “c3-Colle”)

Chess Cafe Articles by Gary Lane (dealing with the Colle)
Opening Lanes #30 - Murder on the Orient Express
Opening Lanes #64 - Playboy
Opening Lanes #58 - The Greek Gift
Opening Lanes #57 - The T-Factor
Opening Lanes #56 - Identity
Opening Lanes #55 - Step Back in Time
Opening Lanes #54 - Beauty and the Beast
Opening Lanes #53 - Fan Clubs

Annotated Colle Games
Modesto Bartrina - Theodor Ghitescu [A48] Olot (9) 1974
Abraham Kupchik - Jose Raoul Capablanca [A47] 1926

Chess Videos
The Zukertort Variation of the Colle System - 10 Min Video
Defending.against.the.Colle.System, - 60 Mins of ICC Lecture by Pete Tamburro (Lecture in Flash Format)

PGN Game Downloads - 790 Games from the U of Pitt archive
Colle PGN - 5329 Games from
Rubinstein Attack Colle D05 - 1091 Games from


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