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Sicilian Defence (B70-B79) - Dragon - Opening Theory

Sicilian Dragon Defence Wikipedia Page - General Knowledge about this opening
Basic Sicilian Dragon Lesson - Lesson with a few example games
Yugoslav Attack Lesson - General Lesson on this Variation

1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 d6 3.d4 cxd4 4.Nxd4 Nf6 5.Nc3 g6
How to Bust the Sicilian Dragon Sidelines - Article by IM Miodrag Perunovic
Sicilian Dragon vs Fianchestto - Article by IM Miodrag Perunovic Articles
The Deadly Dragon - by GM Prasad and GM Panchanathan

Silmans Opening Archive Articles
Opening Analysis - Beating the Dragon - Karel van der Weide
Combating the Sicilian Dragon - IM Andrew Martin
Levenfish Attack - IM Andrew Martin
Dragon Forever - IM Andrew Martin
- IM John Donaldson & Silman
Accelerated Dragon Marcozy Bind - Jeremy Silman
How to Beat a Grandmaster - IM Timothy Taylor
Part 1 - Accelerated Dragon Marcozy Bind
Part 2 - Accelerated Dragon Marcozy Bind
Part 3 - Accelerated Dragon Marcozy Bind

ChessCafe Articles
The Yugoslav Attack - 13 Page Article By IM Gary Lane
Traps in the Dragon - IM Gary Lane
The Sicilian Dragon: Yugoslav Attack (B 78) - Informant @ Chesscafe

Sicilian Dragon Theory - Website with Annotated games and Chessbase Downloads of Book.

Annotated Games
Shahade,G vs Mezentsev V. (B77) - Annotated by Boris Schipkov
Polgar J vs Kaidanov - Annotated by Susan Polgar

Chess Videos
2 Miniatures in the Accelerated Dragon - 20 Min Video GM Eugene Perelshteyn
The Sicilian Dragon- Why the Bad Reputation - 25 Min Video IM Jesse Kraai
Topolov vs Carlsen (Slaying the Dragon) - 10 Min Video
Geller vs Korchnoi
(Sicilian Dragon Yugoslav Attack) -10 Min Video

PGN Game Downloads
B70 - Dragon Variation - 3684 Games
B71 - Dragon Levenfish Variation - 649 Games
B72 - Classical (Amsterdam, Grigoriev, Nottingham) -1668 Games
B73 - Classical ((8.O-O), Zollner Gambit, Richter) -1264 Games
B74 - Classical (Alekhine, Stockholm, Reti-Tarkower,Spielmann)- 1184 Games
B75 - Yugoslav Attack - 977 Games
B76 - Yugoslav Attack ((7....O-O), Rauser) -3034 Games
B77 - Yugoslav Attack ((9.Bc4), Byrne, (9...Bd7)) -1219 Games
B78 - Yugoslav Attack (10.O-O-O) -2346 Games
B79 - Yugoslav Attack (12.h4) -1006 Games

PGN Mentor Downloads
SicilianAccelDragon.pgn - 13368 Games
SicilianDragonOther6.pgn - 2927 Games
SicDragon6Be2-6Bc4.pgn - 3666 Games
SicilianDragonYugoslav.pgn - 11821 Games

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