Friday, February 20, 2009

The Two Bishops - Chess Strategy

Bishop pair - In open positions, two bishops are considered to have an advantage over two knights or a knight and a bishop. (In closed positions knights may be more valuable than bishops.) The player with two bishops is said to have the bishop pair.

Bishop Pair in a Semi Open Position - Georgi Orlov
Bishop and Knight vs Two Bishops - Georgi Orlov

The Bishop Pair Part 1 - Endgame Corner by Karsten Mueller
The Bishop Pair Part 2 - Endgame Corner by Karsten Mueller
The Power of the Bishop Pair - Endgame Corner by Karsten Mueller

Games in Valeri Beim's "Lessons in Chess Strategy", chapter 7 on the bishop pair.
The Bishop Pair Games - 17 Games on

Chess Videos
The Power of the Two Bishops - 11 Min Video
Beginners Guide to Bishops - 18 Min Video
Mating with Two Bishops - 6 Min Video

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