Monday, April 20, 2009

PGN Game Downloads & Annotated Databases

Grandmaster games (8k games) and a hand full of Openings (17k games) here with game downloads.

PGN Mentor
By far the largest collection of PGN downloads I have come across. Broken up into Openings, Players and Events with Tournaments from 1851- 2008. Hundreds of thousands of games here.

Chess Game Collection - 500,000 Games Broken into their ECO code or Famous player collections.

Encyclopedia of Chess Openings - Click any ECO code link here and download a PGN of games of that opening ranging in size from 2000-20,000 games. (From

Annotated Chess Databases - (Excellent Source of Free Annotated Games)
600+ Match Games from López to Anand.More than 100 super tournaments have been annotated.
Hoogovens and Corus organised chess tournaments 1938-2008
Top grandmasters playing in Linares from 1978-2008
Dutch and German Championships

Others ...

British   - National Archive of British Games (Pre-1920's -2010)
CanadaNational Archive of Canadian Games (1873-2013)
       ----British Columbia - Archive  of Games 20k
       ----Nova Scotia - Archive of Tourn. and Games Collection 
France - French Download Page (In French) 
Germany & Germany2 - 1981-2013 (In German)(Two different Sites)
Greece - 1984-Today
Italbasedata and games of the most important chess competitions played in Italy

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