Friday, November 21, 2008

Grand Prix Attack - Chess Opening Theory

A pretty simple and direct opening to learn. It is a white reply to the Sicilian.

Grand Prix Attack
articles from inside chess online.
Part One
Part Two

Here are a couple Chess Cafe articles from Gary Lane on the Grand Prix
Opening Lanes 06 - Discusses the sharp 1.e4 c5 2.f4 e5!?
Opening Lanes 60 - When to Play Bc4 and when not to.
Grand Prix Crash

Kenilworth Chess Club
GrandPrix Attack Explained
The Left Hook Grand Prix with a3
Fun with the Left Hook Grand Prix
Billy Colias Plays the Grand Prix

Chess Videos
Chess Openings - Sicilian Defense: Gran Prix Attack - 18 Min Opening Lesson
Gran Prix Attack - Anand vs Gefland 1996   - 36 Min Video
Refuting the Gran Prix Attack - 15 Min Video
Gran Prix: System with Bb5 - 29 Min Video (Instructive Dark Sq grip game)
The Killer Gran Prix Attack - 13 Min Video (GM Gawain Jones examines opening)

PGN Game Downloads
Gran Prix Attack - 6616 games in pgn format from Pgnmentor - 1124 Games (U of Pitt Archive)

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