Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Zugzwang - Chess Tactics

A situation in which a player is limited to moves that cost pieces or have a damaging positional effect or A situation in a chess game in which a player is forced to make an undesirable or disadvantageous move.

Zugzwang Wikipedia Page - Good sized page on this topic with history and examples.
Zugzwang Article - by GM Julio Becerra on
Chess Puzzles: The Art of Zugzwang - Article by GM Lubomir Kavalek
More on Zugzwang - Blog post on Chess Strategy Blog

"Chess Blog" Posts
Chess Tactics : Should Some of them be Prohibited - 2 Endgame Problems
Chess Tactics : More Applications of Zugzwang - Endgame Problem and a Game with Zuzwang

Chess Videos
Saemich vs Nimzovich (1923) - 10 min Video (The Immortal Zugzwang Game)
Weaving the Zugzwang Web - 11 Min Video (Endgame that illustrates this theme)
Alekhine - Nimzowitsch - 11 Min Video (With a Zugzwang Theme) 
Chess Endgames: Using Zugzwang!  -8 Min Video (by FIDE Master Kostya Kavutskiy)

Rook vs Pawn Endgame Study - (1928 Reti Endgame Study with Zugzwang)
Zugzwang : Funny Name, Bad Situation - GM Ben Finegold

Annotated Games
Collection of 34 Games -  extraordinary examples featuring Zugzwang from 

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