Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Zugzwang - Chess Tactics

A situation in which a player is limited to moves that cost pieces or have a damaging positional effect or A situation in a chess game in which a player is forced to make an undesirable or disadvantageous move.

Zugzwang Wikipedia Page - Good sized page on this topic with history and examples.
Zugzwang Article - by GM Julio Becerra on
Chess Puzzles: The Art of Zugzwang - Article by GM Lubomir Kavalek
More on Zugzwang - Blog post on Chess Strategy Blog

"Chess Blog" Posts
Chess Tactics : Should Some of them be Prohibited - 2 Endgame Problems
Chess Tactics : More Applications of Zugzwang - Endgame Problem and a Game with Zuzwang

Chess Videos
Saemich vs Nimzovich (1923) - 10 min Video (The Immortal Zugzwang Game)
Weaving the Zugzwang Web - 11 Min Video (Endgame that illustrates this theme)
Alekhine - Nimzowitsch - 11 Min Video (With a Zugzwang Theme) 
Chess Endgames: Using Zugzwang!  -8 Min Video (by FIDE Master Kostya Kavutskiy)

Rook vs Pawn Endgame Study - (1928 Reti Endgame Study with Zugzwang)
Zugzwang : Funny Name, Bad Situation - GM Ben Finegold

Annotated Games
Collection of 34 Games -  extraordinary examples featuring Zugzwang from 

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Torre Attack (D03) - Chess Opening Theory

1. d4 Nf6 2. Nf3 e6 3. Bg5

The Torre Attack Wikipedia Page - General Knowledge on this opening. (View Games Online)
GM Jan Timman Plays the Torre - 11 Games to View
Torre Attack - 572 Games to View

Annotated Games

Carlos Torre vs EM. Lasker (Moscow 1925)
Carlos Torre vs Friedrich Saemisch (Moscow 1925)
NM Aaron Kahn (2291) - NM Victor Shen (2265) (2008 US Chess League ((Game 4 on this page))
Arthur Bernard Bisguier - James T. Sherwin (1955)

Torre Attack Chess Videos

YouTube Videos
A Trap in the Torre Attack - 5 Min Video
Torre Attack 1 - 8 Min Video (Analysis of a 5 min Blitz Game)
Torre Attack 2 - 10 Min Video (Analysis of a Corresp. Game)
Torre Analysis Game - 11 Min Video
gor (IM Igor Yanvarjov) vs chessstud (IM Greg Shahade) - 32 Min Video with Analysis

PGN Game Downloads
TorreAttack.pgn - 1736 Games (U of Pitt Archive)
Torre2e6.pgn - 7404 Games ( 2.e6 Variation
Torre2g6.pgn - 7661 Games ( 2.g6 Variation
TorreAttackMiniatures.pgn - 64 Games (Ending in 14 moves or less)

Monday, July 20, 2009

Ruy Lopez - (C70) Norwegian Defence or Wing Variation (Opening Theory)

The Norwegian Defence (also called the Wing Variation ), is an aggressive but time-consuming alternative for Black. The game follows 3...a6 4.Ba4 b5 5.Bb3 Na5. The goal of the opening is to eliminate the white bishop. A speculative sacrifice (Nightingale Gambit) is now 6.Bxf7+?!, which drives the black king out, but with accurate play, Black is supposed to be able to consolidate his extra piece.

The Lopez Grip (Part 3) - Chessville Article by Andrew Martin (Part 3 is completely about The Wing Variation.)
Ruy Lopez - Norwegian Defense - Article by IM Jeremy Silman (Article is on the Speculative Sacrifice 6. Bxf7? Nightingale Gambit by White)

Sverre's Chess Corner Blog - Blog Posts by Norwegian Player Sverre Johnsen (and Author of THE RUY LOPEZ: A GUIDE FOR BLACK) on this Ruy Lopez Variation. (About 10 posts dealing with Different aspects of this Variation)

PGN Game Downloads
RuyLopezNorwegian.pgn - 696 Games
NightingaleGambit.pgn - 61 Games

Monday, July 6, 2009

Chess Pattern Recognition

Articles on Chess Patterns

Articles on by GM Gregory Serper
Typical Patterns Everyone Should Know Part One
Typical Patterns Everyone Should Know. Part Two.
Typical Patterns Everyone Should Know. Part Three.
Typical Patterns Everyone Should Know. Part Four.
Typical Patterns Everyone Should Know. Part Five.
Typical Patterns Everyone Should Know : That vulnerable f7 pawn...
Typical Patterns Everyone Should Know : Pin, unpin...
Typical Patterns Everyone Should Know : The Dangerous Diagonal
Typical Patterns Everyone Should Know : The Dangerous h-file Part 1
Typical Patterns Everyone Should Know : The Dangerous h-file Part 2

Kenilworth Chess Club
Mating Patterns 1 - Mate with Bishop & Rook

Chess Videos on Pattern Recognition

Videos by FIDE Master Ingvar Thor Johannesson
(Mating patterns, Tactical Patterns, Strategic Patterns and Endgame Patterns)
Pattern Recognition #1 - 42 Min Video
  • Mate pattern #1 - Anastasia mate
  • Mate pattern #2 - Boden's mate
  • Mate pattern #3 - Blackburne's mate (called Stefansson mate in the video)
  • Tactical pattern #1 - Undefended bishop on b7 in hedgehog type positions
  • Strategic pattern #1 - Gligoric's pawn sacrifice
  • Technical pattern #1 - Self pushing rook + two pawns
  • Technical pattern #2 - Queen ending, pushing and defending against checks
Pattern Recognition #2 - 35 Min Video
  • Mate pattern #4 - Anand's mate: Qf3 + h-file battery
  • Mate pattern #5 - Bacrot's mate: Qf7 + check on h-file
  • Mate pattern #6 - Stellwagen mate: Ba7-g1 diagonal,pawn g4, Qh3 mates Kg2
  • Mate pattern #7 - Arabic mate (Kramnik mate in video) Rg8 or h7 with Nf6 mates Kh8.
  • Endgame pattern #1 - Philidor position plus thoughts on f- and g- pawns in R+p vs R
Pattern Recognition #3 - 35 Min Video
  • Strategical pattern #2 - Anand's King
  • Tactical pattern #2 - Loman's move
  • Tactical pattern #3 - Knight on the rim
Pattern Recognition #4 - 33 Min Video
  • Tactical pattern #4 - Petrosian's move
  • Tactical pattern #5 - Protecting b2
  • Mate pattern #8 - The Karpov choke
Pattern Recognition #5 - 36 Min Video
  • Strategical pattern #3 - Shutting down Spassky
  • Tactical pattern #6 - Engel's super pawn