Monday, April 20, 2009

Chess Endgame Lessons


Mark Lowery's Exciting World of Chess
Endgame Lessons
Introduction, Basic Types, Rules, Principles, Concepts, Considerations
Basic Endgames-Introduction to Positional Themes Basic_Endgames_Positional_Themes.pdf(107KB)
>Bishop Pair Simple/Basic Checkmating
Bishop_Pair_checkmating.pdf (71KB)
King, Knight, & wing pawn v. King Endgame Strategy
Passed pawns in King Endgames (long)
King-pawn_Endgames.pdf (258KB)
King, pawn, & Bishop v. King endgame-Wrong Colored Bishop
King_pawn_Bishop_v_King.pdf (32KB)
The Art of Combinations for Endgames A Prime Example
Art_of_Combinations_for_Endgames-Prime_Ex.pdf <(31KB)
The Art of Combinations for Endgames Enhancing Chess Vision (conclusion) Art_of_Combinations_for_Endgames-Conclusion.pdf (30KB)The Lucena Position-Endgame Theory
The Troitzky Line
Troitzky_Line.pdf (253KB)
The Second Troitzky Line
Skewering in King & Queen v. King & Queen Endgames
Skewering1.pdf (20KB)

Advanced Lessons In Endgame Strategy by Jan Van Reek
150 Historical Chess Endings (PGN-File) (Cbase-zip)- 150 best over-the-board, theoretical and composed endings got new annotations.
22 Endgame Strategy Lessons - (PGN File)

Chess Endgame Study and Practice -  Jrobichess

Chess Cafe

95+ Endgame Articles - (Endgame Corner by Karsten Mueller) covering all facets of the Endgame
Endgame Studies - Over 850 Studies by hundreds of different composers.

Chess Endgame Blogs 
Chess Endgame Studies by Árpád Rusz - Nice Site with 30+ Endgame Books for Download

Endgame Videos -- from
 (85 Videos Running from a couple Min to 45 Min in length)

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