Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sicilian Defence (B70-B79) - Dragon - Opening Theory

Sicilian Dragon Defence Wikipedia Page - General Knowledge about this opening
Basic Sicilian Dragon Lesson - Lesson with a few example games
Yugoslav Attack Lesson - General Lesson on this Variation

1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 d6 3.d4 cxd4 4.Nxd4 Nf6 5.Nc3 g6
How to Bust the Sicilian Dragon Sidelines - Article by IM Miodrag Perunovic
Sicilian Dragon vs Fianchestto - Article by IM Miodrag Perunovic Articles
The Deadly Dragon - by GM Prasad and GM Panchanathan

Silmans Opening Archive Articles
Opening Analysis - Beating the Dragon - Karel van der Weide
Combating the Sicilian Dragon - IM Andrew Martin
Levenfish Attack - IM Andrew Martin
Dragon Forever - IM Andrew Martin
- IM John Donaldson & Silman
Accelerated Dragon Marcozy Bind - Jeremy Silman
How to Beat a Grandmaster - IM Timothy Taylor
Part 1 - Accelerated Dragon Marcozy Bind
Part 2 - Accelerated Dragon Marcozy Bind
Part 3 - Accelerated Dragon Marcozy Bind

ChessCafe Articles
The Yugoslav Attack - 13 Page Article By IM Gary Lane
Traps in the Dragon - IM Gary Lane
The Sicilian Dragon: Yugoslav Attack (B 78) - Informant @ Chesscafe

Sicilian Dragon Theory - Website with Annotated games and Chessbase Downloads of Book.

Annotated Games
Shahade,G vs Mezentsev V. (B77) - Annotated by Boris Schipkov
Polgar J vs Kaidanov - Annotated by Susan Polgar

Chess Videos
2 Miniatures in the Accelerated Dragon - 20 Min Video GM Eugene Perelshteyn
The Sicilian Dragon- Why the Bad Reputation - 25 Min Video IM Jesse Kraai
Topolov vs Carlsen (Slaying the Dragon) - 10 Min Video
Geller vs Korchnoi
(Sicilian Dragon Yugoslav Attack) -10 Min Video

PGN Game Downloads
B70 - Dragon Variation - 3684 Games
B71 - Dragon Levenfish Variation - 649 Games
B72 - Classical (Amsterdam, Grigoriev, Nottingham) -1668 Games
B73 - Classical ((8.O-O), Zollner Gambit, Richter) -1264 Games
B74 - Classical (Alekhine, Stockholm, Reti-Tarkower,Spielmann)- 1184 Games
B75 - Yugoslav Attack - 977 Games
B76 - Yugoslav Attack ((7....O-O), Rauser) -3034 Games
B77 - Yugoslav Attack ((9.Bc4), Byrne, (9...Bd7)) -1219 Games
B78 - Yugoslav Attack (10.O-O-O) -2346 Games
B79 - Yugoslav Attack (12.h4) -1006 Games

PGN Mentor Downloads
SicilianAccelDragon.pgn - 13368 Games
SicilianDragonOther6.pgn - 2927 Games
SicDragon6Be2-6Bc4.pgn - 3666 Games
SicilianDragonYugoslav.pgn - 11821 Games

Saturday, March 14, 2009 - Review Part 2

I made a post reviewing this site about 6 months ago.

Original Review Here

Initially I had thought that their live chess was something new and had problems. Going back through their forums though this has been an ongoing problem for over a year or so as of my first post on the site.

I quit using their live chess back in October because of the fact that it booted you or your opponent 20% of the time. A friend told me they had made changes to this and to come back and try the site.

2 Days and about 30 games later I have to say....

Same Problem..... Of the 30 Games I played I had 5 where I was disconnected and 2 where I lost my opponent in the middle of the game. I have to say I was disappointed all over again.

They tout the International Masters and Grand Masters they have working for the site now and the number of people registered with them. I would think that after 2 years they could actually have the part of the site that over 1000 people are trying to do at any one time actually work.

One really has to wonder how many paying accounts they would have by now if this site actually worked. Maybe in another 6 months I will try it again, but honestly if after 2 years they don't care about this part of their site, I'm not holding my breath. has a pretty amazing site as of 2011. The Reviews above were both from several years ago. If you love chess it is definitely a place to go.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Free Online Chess Study Courses

How to Get to 1900 - (A Rapid Improvement Chess Course for all Class Players)
by John Coffee

15 Steps From Intro - 1900. Each Step is broken into 3-5 parts.(Tactics, Opening, Endgame, Critical Positions and Reviewing Games) There is a great Deal of free info here for anyone trying to improve with Hundreds of problems and Lessons.

Home of the Free Chess Course - Beginner Course - 28 Lessons - Intermediate Course - 30 Lessons

Pretty General Lessons for the Beginning Player