Friday, February 27, 2009

Ruy Lopez (Birds Defence) (C61) - Chess Opening Theory

3....Nd4 - Bird's Defence
This variation from black is an attempt to avoid having the pinned knight which can be a bit of a problem for black. White now should exchange off the knight by playing 4. Nxd4 exd4

1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bb5 Nd4

Bird's Defense Bibliography (C61) - at the Kenilworthian Chess Club                 (Huge amount of info and resources pointed at this opening 2008.) 

Ruy Lopez Bird's Defense (C61) Update - (Updated Info from Kenilworthian)  

6 Part Lesson On Bird Defense Opening Theory   by NM Dana Mackenzie

Bird by Bird Part 1
Bird by Bird Part 2
Bird by Bird Part 3A
Bird by Bird Part 3B
Bird by Bird Part 4
(Sunday Morning Analysis) - More Analysis on B by B Pt 3

300+ Ruy Lopez Bird Defence Games - Viewable Online with Java Viewer
435 Ruy Lopez Bird Defence Games - Viewable Online at

Chess Puzzles by Opening
C61 - Bird Defence - 10 Puzzles

Annotated Games
Adolf Anderssen - Max Lange, Breslau 1859 - 2 Page .Pdf Annotated move by move

Chess Videos
Chess Trap - Ruy Lopez Bird Defense - 3 Min Video
Anderssen vs Lang - 5 Min Video

PGN Game Downloads
Ruy Lopez Bird Defence - 602 Games (Via Univ. Of Pitt Archives)

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Back Rank Weakness - Chess Tactic

Wikipedia Back Rank Mate Page - General Knowledge and info
Back Rank Mate Chess Lesson - From

Back Rank Mates - Article with examples from Chess Edinburgh
A Common Tactic - The Back Rank Problem - Lesson On the USCF Site by Susan Polgar

Chess Problems
50 Back Rank Weakness Problems

Chess Videos

Tactics Back Rank Weakness - 17 Min Video
Exploiting a Back-Rank weakness - 3 Min Video
Grandmaster Lesson 3 - GM Lev Alburt (Examines a weak back rank)

Monday, February 23, 2009

Pirc Defence (B06-B09) - Chess Opening Theory

The Pirc Defence, sometimes known as the Ufimtsev Defence or Yugoslav Defence, is a Chess Opening characterised by Black responding to 1.e4 with 1...d6 and 2...Nf6, followed by ...g6 and ...Bg7

1.e4 d6 2.d4 Nf6 3.Nc3 g6

Pirc Defence Wikipedia Page - General History and Explanations of Opening and its Variations.
Ideas Behind the Modern Defence 1 - Exeter Chess Club Lesson
Ideas Behind the Modern Defence 2 - Exeter Chess Club Lesson
Opening Instructor Pirc/Ufimtsev - 4 Lessons and 5 annotated Games
The Pirc Defence - General Page on Opening Ideas

Pirc and Modern Defence - Some great analysis of the Austrian Attack mainly.
Dodgy Games with Dodgy Names - IM Andrew Martin (150 & Barry Attack)
Something Against the Pirc - IM Andrew Martin
The Simplified Pirc - Kenilworth Chess Club Article
The Pain and Anguish of Opening Theory - Karel van der Weide
The Barry Attack - Article with a few Annotated Games

Chess Puzzles By Opening
(From 10,000 Chess Puzzles)
Robatsch (B06) - 1.e4 g6 (10 Puzzles)
Pirc (B07) -1.e4 d6 2.d4 Nf6 (10 Puzzles)
Pirc, Classical (B08) - 1.e4 d6 2.d4 Nf6 3.Nc3 g6 4.Nf3 (10 Puzzles)
Pirc, Austrian Attack (B09) - 1.e4 d6 2.d4 Nf6 3.Nc3 g6 4.f4 (10 Puzzles)

302 Pirc Games - Viewable online with Java Viewer

Annotated Games
Kasparov vs Topolov (B07) - Annotated by Yasser Seirawan (Inside Chess)
Brown vs Seirawan (B08) - Annotated by Yasser Seirawan (Inside Chess)
Short vs Speelman (B09) - Annotated by Yasser Seirawan (Inside Chess)
Luther vs Gulko (B09)
IM Walter Shipman - NM Jim West
Steve Stoyko-Michael Goeller - Kenilworth Chess Club

Chess Videos
Pirc Opening - 6min Video (Short Chess Lesson by Davies)
A Wild Variation against the Pirc - 11 min Video
A Aggressive System against the Pirc - 9 Min Video
Modern/Pirc Defence - 6 Min Video
A Trap in the Pirc Defence - 1 min Video
Kasparov vs Topalov 1999 - 9 Min Video (Kasparov's Immortal)
32 Pirc Videos - Running from 3min to 45 min in Length

Pirc PGN Game Downloads
(Downloads From
B06 - 13977 Games
Bo7 - 17220 Games
Bo8 - 7574 Games
B09 - 4951 Games
(Downloads from
B06 - 6959 Games
B07 - 6208 Games
B08 - 3586 Games
B09 - 2174 Games

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Two Knights Defence - Fried Liver Attack (C57) - Chess Opening Theory

A variation of the Two Knights Defense in which White sacrifices a Knight for a superficially impressive attack on the enemy king.

Fried Liver Attack Wikipedia Page - General History and Knowledge

1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bc4 Nf6 4.Ng5 d5 5.exd5 Nxd5 6.Nxf7 Kxf7

Fried Liver .pdf - Novice Mini-Lesson
The Fegatello Attack - By Paul Valle - Article in Unorthodox Openings Newsletter
Giuoco Piano - Two Knights - Fried Liver [C57] - 7 Page Lesson by Richard Westbrook

GM Boris Altermans Blog
Fried Liver Lesson 1
Fried Liver Lesson 2
Fried Liver Lesson 3
Fried Liver Lesson 4
Fried Liver Lesson 5
Fried Liver Lesson 6

Games Viewable Online (at
Fried Liver Attack Games - 8 Example Games
Fried Liver Attack Games - 49 Example Games
Games Viewable Online (at
Fried Liver Attack Games - 65 Games

Annotated Games

Pratt vs Wolford 1976
Morphy vs NN 1858

Video Lessons
Fried Liver in 15 MIns - 15 Min Video
Fried Liver Attack -  11 Min Video (Explanation of the Opening)
Crashing Counter Attack against the Fried Liver - Hollingsworth vs. Steensland
Fried Liver Attack- How to play against it? - 3 Min Video

10 Fried Liver Attack instructional Videos - from
     -This in-depth series covers one of the most common opening weapons in scholastic chess

PGN Game Downloads
C57 - 975 Games
Two Knights.pgn - 13185 Games (From
Two Knights Defence - 3750 Games (From

Friday, February 20, 2009

The Two Bishops - Chess Strategy

Bishop pair - In open positions, two bishops are considered to have an advantage over two knights or a knight and a bishop. (In closed positions knights may be more valuable than bishops.) The player with two bishops is said to have the bishop pair.

Bishop Pair in a Semi Open Position - Georgi Orlov
Bishop and Knight vs Two Bishops - Georgi Orlov

The Bishop Pair Part 1 - Endgame Corner by Karsten Mueller
The Bishop Pair Part 2 - Endgame Corner by Karsten Mueller
The Power of the Bishop Pair - Endgame Corner by Karsten Mueller

Games in Valeri Beim's "Lessons in Chess Strategy", chapter 7 on the bishop pair.
The Bishop Pair Games - 17 Games on

Chess Videos
The Power of the Two Bishops - 11 Min Video
Beginners Guide to Bishops - 18 Min Video
Mating with Two Bishops - 6 Min Video

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Caro-Kann Defence (B10-B19) - Chess Opening Theory

Caro-Kann Wikipedia page - General Knowledge and descriptions of the different Variations of the Caro-Kann.
1.e4 c6
Strategic Goals of the Caro-Kann .pdf -21 pages from Eric Schillers book (Complete Defence to King Pawn Openings)
Crushing the Caro-Kann - by Bobby Ang
The Panov Attack: Fianchetto Variation - by Eric Schiller
The Caveman Caro-Kann : Advanced Variation with h4 - by Michael Goeller
Caveman Blitz - by Michael Goeller
Caro-Kungfu-Kann - Article by GM Magesh and GM Arun

Chess Cafe Articles
B 12: Caro-Kann Defence, The Advance Variation.pdf - 10 page Informant at Chess Cafe
Canning the Caro: The Milner-Barry Gambit Part 1 - Gambit Cartel by Tim McGrew
Canning the Caro: The Milner-Barry Gambit Part 2 - Gambit Cartel by Tim McGrew
Kasparov vs Deep Blue . pdf - Inside Chess by Yasser Seirwan (Steinitz Variation)

The Homo Erectus Variation of the Caro-Kann Defence Part 1 - Dana Mackenzie
The Homo Erectus Variation of the Caro-Kann Defence Part 2 - Dana Mackenzie
The Homo Erectus Variation of the Caro-Kann Defence Part 3 - Dana Mackenzie

Reference Tables of Games and Moves
Caro-Kann Advance Reference table
Caro-Kann 2 Knights Variation Reference Table
Caro Kann 4. ... Bf5 Variation Reference Table
Caro-Kann 4. ... Nd7 Variation Reference Table
Caro-Kann 4. ... Nf6 Variation Ref. Table
Caro-Kann Panov Variation Ref. Table
Caro-Kann Other - (Games that start with 1.e4 c6 then go away from main lines.)

Annotated Games
Leko, P. (2745) - Karpov, An (2679) [B10] - Breyer Variation
Markov, Y. - Fominyh, A. [B10] - Breyer variation
Morozevich, A. - Bologan, V. [B12] - Tartakower variation
Tal vs Botvinnik [B12] - Annotated by Eric Schiller
Anand, V. (2774) - Bologan, V. (2650) [B17] - Steinitz Variation
Anand, V. (2774) - Bologan, V. (2650) [B17]
Gluzman, M. (2400) - Bareev, E. (2719) [B18] - Classical Variation
Landa, K. (2571) - Shaposhnikov, E. (2550) [B19] - Classical Variation

Chess Videos
Caro-Kann Chess Lesson - 10 min Video
Spasky vs Larsen 1978 - 8 min Video (Caro-Kann disaster for Larsen)
Tal vs Botvinnik - 10 min Video
31 Caro-Kann Analysis Games along with 27 other Caro-Kann games - 6min -45 min Videos

Caro-Kann Defence PGN Downloads
(Games From
Caro-Kann, 2.c4 - 6241 games
Caro-Kann, Two Knights - 4152 games
Caro-Kann, Exchange - 4680 games
Caro-Kann Panov-Botvinnik Attack - 10847 games
Caro-Kann, Advance - 13108 games
Caro-Kann, 4...Knightf6 - 4993 games
Caro-Kann, 4...Knightd7 - 7536 games
Caro-Kann, Classical - 11208 games

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

ChessTactics - Skewer

A skewer is an attack upon two pieces in a line and is similar to a pin.
In fact, a skewer is sometimes described as a "reverse pin". In a skewer, a valuable piece is attacked and forced to move to avoid being captured, leaving a less valuable piece behind it free for capture. Like pins, skewers can only be created by the long-range pieces (queen, rook and bishop).

Wikipedia Skewer page - General info and a few examples
Basic Tactics Lesson - The Skewer - Good lesson at
Chess Skewer Lesson - From Coastal Carolina University Chess Club

Predator at the Chessboard Lessons
Simple Skewers through the King - 13 page Lesson
Simple Skewers through the Queen - 9 page Lesson
Simple Skewers through Rooks - 5 page Lesson
Substituting the King to create a Skewer - 3 page Lesson
Other Substitutions Queens, Rooks, etc - 7 page Lesson
Checking the King into position - 10 page Lesson
Working with Multiple Checks - 11 page Lesson
Getting the Skewering Piece to the Skewering Square - 7 page lesson
Consolidating Excess Enemy Pieces - 10 page Lesson
Preventing the Middle Piece from Guarding the Target- 6 page Lesson
Skewers where Enemy Pieces are Under defended - 3 page Lesson
Breaking the Skewer -7 page Lesson
(Over 90 examples in the above lessons)

7 examples Of Skewers

Chess Videos
Introduction to basic tactical themes- Pins and Skewers - 6 min Video
Rook Endgame Skewer - 2 min Video

Friday, February 6, 2009

Ruy Lopez (Berlin Defence)(C65-67) - Opening Theory

1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bb5 Nf6

Berlin Defence Wikipedia page - Explanation and general info about this opening.

Variations of the Berlin Defence
The Mortimer Trap - It's only natural that it should be rediscovered, given the recent popularity of the Berlin Defense to the Spanish / Ruy Lopez

Berlin Defence Games - 1100+ Games at you can go through online.

Annotated Games
Svidler vs Topalov 2006 - A nicely Annotated game from the
Nisipeanu vs Topalov 2006 - Annotated by Mihail Marin
Short vs Gelfand 1991 - Inside Chess Article By Yasser Seirawan
Porges vs Lasker 1896 - annotated From Iving Chernevs book
Pillsbury vs Showalter 1897
Hou Yifan vs Nigel Short - Washington post article on the 13 yr old girl beating Short.
Euwe vs Capablanca 1922 - A Capa Masterpiece

Chess Videos
Chess Lesson Ruy Lopez Opening - Berlin Defence - 10 Min Video
Berlin Defence pt 1 - 35 min Video
Berlin Defence pt 2 - 52 min video

Berlin Defence PGN Downloads
Ruy Lopez Berlin Defence - 2539 games (
Ruy Lopez Berlin -9901 games (
Ruy Lopez Berlin (C65)- 921 games (
Ruy Lopez Berlin (C66) - 460 games (
Ruy Lopez Berlin (C67) - 1087 games (