Monday, January 12, 2009

Tactics - Overworked Defender (Overloading)

Overloading is a Chess Tactic in which a defensive piece is given an additional assignment which it cannot complete without abandoning its original assignment.

Predator at the Chessboard (Overworked Defender)
Simple Cases - One Guard Protects two Men - 17 page Lesson
One Piece Guards a Mating Square and Something Else - 7 page Lesson
When a Piece Guards Two Mating Squares - 5 Page Lesson
Adding a Mate Threat to Create an Overworked Piece -4 Page Lesson
Distracting a Rook from Duties up the Board - 12 Page Lesson
Forking Squares and the Overworked Piece - 7 Page Lesson
(50+ Examples in the above lessons)

Overloading the Defender Lesson - Pages from The Complete Idiots Guide to Chess
Overloading Examples - at
6 Overworked Piece Examples .pdf - at

Example from Krasenkow-Karpov Game- Definition and example at Wikipedia

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