Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Stonewall Attack - Opening Theory

Stonewall Wikipedia Page - The Stonewall is a Variation of the Queen Pawns Game.
It is characterized by White playing 1.d4, 2.e3, 3.f4 and 4.c3, usually playing 5.Bd3 as well, even though the moves are not always played in that order.

Dutch Stonewall-Playing Black against QP openings .pdf - 8 page booklet from Exeter Chess Club
(Not the Stonewall Attack but playing the same pawn structure as black)
e6 and g6 against the Stonewall - Simple Exeter Chess Club info on these Lines.

The Stonewall Attack - A lecture by NM Yaacov Norowitz from The Kenilworth Chess Club (Click on any of the chess notation in the lecture and the position appears on the board on the page) Two nicely annotated games in this lecture as well.
Yaacov's ICC Games with the Stonewall - 36 games you can play through with a Viewer
Supplemental Stonewall Games. - 4 classic Stonewall Games

The Battering Ram - article by GM Vinay Bhat - on one of the main ways to combat the Stonewall Attack.

Annotated Games
Two Stonewall Games played by IM's - Game 1 Game 2
E.Horowitz vs Amateur - Running into a Stonewall

Stonewall Attack Video's

Stonewall Legacy Series - Group of Videos on the Stonewall
Introduction - 6 min Video
Baltic Defense - 10 min Video
The Baltic Trap 4...Nc6! -5 min Video
Horowitz Defense - 10 min Video
Teichmann Defense - 11 min Video
Mainline with 5....Bd6 -11 min Video
Mainline with 6....Qc7 - 7 min Video
Bg4 Lines - 10 min Video

ChessVideo.tvStonewall Attack Videos - 10 Analysis Game Videos

PGN Game Downloads
Stonewall Attack - 60 games (From U of Pitt Chess Archive)
(Games from
ECO- D00 - Double Queen Pawn Game - 2033 games
ECO - A45 - Indian Systems - 3561 games
ECO - A03 - Birds Opening - 951 Games

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