Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Opening Tactics

Below are two downloads of mostly very short games where one opponent or the other blundered and had a strong tactic played against him or her. These can be used to train ones tactical awareness in openings or to just practice through openings looking for blunders.

Tactics in the Openings -(by Richard Scholler) Chess Base Database with about 1000 games. All are 10-13 moves with a tactical combination. Great to use as practice seeing opening blunders and honing ones tactics. Many of these games are played by master level players.

11,000 Master-GM Short Mates - ( by Tom McCormick) This is a zipped PGN file of games by players FIDE 2300+. Games are sorted by Shortest mates first (6 move mate, 7 move mate etc.)

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