Sunday, December 21, 2008

Doubled Pawns

Doubled Pawn Wikipedia Article - always a place to start when looking at a Chess subject
All About Doubled Pawns - Article reprinted online from Chess Life from IM Larry Kaufman
The Bright Side of Doubled Pawns - FM Dennis Monokroussos

Is a Doubled c-pawn worth a Bishop? - Good article by Peter Lane at Exeter Chess Club

Doubled Pawns Strengths and Weakness - Article by Gorgi Orlov
Doubled Pawns in the Kings Indian Defense Structure - Article by Gorgi Orlov

Video Lessons
Exploiting Doubled Pawns around an opponents King - 11 min Video
Matisons vs Nimzovich - 6 min Video (Who better than Nimzovich to show how to play against doubled pawns)

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