Thursday, December 11, 2008

Bishop Endings

Opposite Colored Bishop Endgame - Rather large Wikipedia page on this topic
How to use the Bishop - Basic 6 Page Article about Bishops with some Endgame Info Also.
The Value of "Elementary" Endgame Knowledge - Opposite colored bishops article by Mark Dvoretsky

2 Bishop Checkmate Article - From King Chess Club

Materialism , Opposite Colored Bishops, and Kasparovs Theorem - Article by GM Vbhat

Endgame Corner Articles by Karsten Muller
Bishops at Work Part 1 - Same color bishop endgames
Bishops at Work Part 2 - Same color bishop endgames
Bishops at Work Part 3 - Same color bishop endgames
Bishops of Opposites
Bishops of Opposites Revisited
Bishops and Overgrown Pawns - Topic of same colored bishop endings
The Power of the Bishop Pair
Bishops vs Pawns Part 1
Bishops vs Pawns Part 2
The Bishop Pair Part 1
The Bishop Pair Part 2


Checkmate with 2 Bishop - 10 min Video
Bishop and Pawn vs Same colored Bishop - 10 min Video
Endgames Bishops of the Same Color - 17 Min Video

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