Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Online Chess Databases

NicBase Online
Just plug in your moves and then hit Classify and this online program will bring up what opening you used and all the variations . It has 1.25 million games you can retrieve to study and most of all its free to use with no registration or anything.

Allows for Searching for games, Classifying games, Browsing through Nic-Key tree and finally viewing games.

NicBase Online - 1.25 Million Game Database

ChessLab Online Java Database
2 million games updated with all the most recent events.
The search feature here is really nice. Will also analyze positions.

You can bring back games by opening, event, player, rating or just positions. You can also download your search results in blocks of 10 games at a time into pgn format.

Chesslab Database - 2 Million Game Database

365Chess.com Chess Database
Claims to be the biggest Chess Database online. ECO Openings index and Openings Explorer.
To Download games you must sign up with site. (Registration is Free)

365Chess Database - 3.5 Million Game Database

ChessBase Online - Online Java Database
4.2 Million game database. Will search positions and bring you back 2000 games at a time.
Also has a name search that takes you to their player database where you get a history and picture of the player and can bring back their games.

Chessbase Database - 4.2 Million Game Database

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- claims 4.2 million games
- search by position
- search by player names for either color